Offers and more offers

Got another job offer today. One of the engineers that was laid off at the same time I was from the first firm I worked for called today.

He is now the VP of quality assurance at a materials and inspection firm.

They just landed a big contract with TxDOT and wants me to lead it.

I’d be doing a lot of what I’m doing now, but with more input and more responsibility.

At first I dismissed the idea. A job that gives me more responsibility could mean me being forced to cut back on the number of hours I’m taking at school. That in turn would throw my timeline out of whack.

After doing some research, I learned that they have offices all over the Midwest. One of the smallest is just 45 miles from where Julie works and where we plan to look at getting an apartment.

So, I did what I always do. I texted my girl and told her I needed her input.

I know the two of us have a plan that we are working towards but any decision that is going to effect either of us needs to be made together.

Julie gets that. It’s one of the things that would irritate the shit out of me about my ex. She had this notion that we could just do whatever and regardless of how it affected our family or the other, no input was needed.

If I oversee this contract I’ll be here for at least 2 more years. I will be an administrator so at least I’ll be able to travel more to see Julie. I’ll also be able to transfer when the project is done.

I explained my goals to my former colleague and he said he’s fairly certain we can work all this out.

Comparable pay, company expense account, benefits, vehicle, etc.

I’m meeting with him and his boss tomorrow for lunch to discuss this.

If they agree and are willing to put it in writing (I learned the hard way that a promise ain’t shit unless the ink has dried) then I’ll fly to Illinois and do a meeting with the staff there.

Fingers crossed. If this works out, I’ll be assigned to the Illinois office, living on per diem during the days of Monday-Friday for work and school and flying home to Illinois on weekends until this project is over.

I pushed myself to follow an impossible, difficult, complicated schedule in order to save a relationship that was losing steam by the minute… Hopefully, I can do this in order to build the life I’ve long to have with a woman I adore.


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