That’s how they get ya!

In just under 8 hours I will be on a plane headed to Phoenix, AZ. At which point, Julie and I will meet up and finish our journey to San Francisco together.

This trip had taught me a few things.

#1. 3.4 fluid ounces is a lot of liquid, gel, paste, etc. If you have more than that, that’s about all you’re gonna take.

#2. A quart sized clear, zip up bag isn’t nearly as big as it sounds.

#3. I’m glad I ignored my mother when she told me to stop wasting time playing Tetris!

Usually, when I fly to meet Julie, I don’t take much with me. Just a few days worth of clothes. If I’m going somewhere for work, I typically check my bag. So the fluid requirements become pretty much a moot point.

This trip, however, we decided to pack light. Only take a carry on and if we ended up with too much stuff to bring home, we’d check our bags for the return trip.

At first I thought I was an idiot. Luckily, Julie put my mind at ease. “How the fuck do I fit gel, hairspray, deodorant, cologne, makeup, face wash and lotion in this tiny ass bag?!?! I may just check the damn thing!!”

Well, I’m not sure how she did it, but I’ve been told that several trips to Walmart to purchase teeny tiny little bottles and she too has managed to squeeze everything into the required sized bag.

I’m starting to think we spent more than $25 on crap to keep from spending $25 on fees.

That’s how they get ya!!


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