Finals, finals, finals

So, the last of my two finals are this weekend.

Algebra on Saturday, and my History paper is due by Sunday night.

Have I mentioned that I am so happy this semester is almost over??

I have registered and paid for next semester which will be a challenge. The summer is split up into two 6 week sessions or four 3 week sessions. Depending on how you plan to tackle it.

Me? I’ve opted for the two 6 weeks sessions.

What are my classes? Trig, Chemistry, U.S. History from 1877, and Technical Composition. Sounds riveting doesn’t it?

Well, it is what it is.

Today and tomorrow I plan to spend up to my eyeballs in reading, performing this equation after that, and so forth. My goal is to finish my history paper and have it edited and submitted by midnight tomorrow so I can head to the beach after my final on Saturday morning. A little reward for finally making it through.

This morning I got a text from my former Ethics professor, Warren. We still chat from time to time and she’s now fervently trying to convince me to move to her tiny town when my lease is up here. It is midway between work and the school I plan to transfer to so I’ve considered it.

Right now, I’m leaning more towards staying here. Signing a year lease there just to move about 5 months into it so I can go to Illinois doesn’t sound ideal, at all.

I was told yesterday that our contract with the State may be extended for another year and a half also.

All these little things are just constant reminders that if for some reason I don’t move to the Midwest when Julie and I had originally planned, at least I won’t be floating in limbo wondering what to do.

I’m still being contacted by “head hunters” for different jobs. If they aren’t located in Illinois, though, I pretty much dismiss them.

Life is on track. Scary at times, but I keep moving forward and that’s always been the main focus of this journey.

My work outs have been more sporadic than I would like, but I’m in a lazy mood so I’m not too worried. After our vacation in a couple weeks, I’m sure I’ll be ready to take on the world. At least that’s my hope.

All in all I guess life is good. For both Julie and myself. Next month we put her house on the market. She has contractors finishing up the final touches hoping to get the most out of her equity. She’s seeing her attorney today to draw up the documents to send to Milly to finalize the last little bit of their shared properties once the house is sold.

I’ll be heading up there for about a week after we get back so we can look at apartments and decide where “we” would like to stay until I finally move and we get a house.

Then there’s work. I’m busy and so is she. I’m going to take a break from nights for about 2 months during the second session at school and she’s trying to get all the finishing touches put on the applications they have for next year.

I hate being so far from her. I hate having to check and recheck my calendar to squeeze in time to spend with her. But, it’s the life we chose to live for now.

There have been ups and downs. Luckily, more ups. We are learning that if we work together, we can unpack all the baggage that we’ve accumulated over these past two decades.

I keep reminding myself: even when doubts and fears creep in, I don’t want to have any other woman in my life. I’m happy with the thought that someday we will be old and frail but we will have each other to lean on. I’m excited to be able to finally start the life I wish I’d been able to build with her so many years ago.

All in all, I’m smiling.

I’m busy and I’m frazzled but there is a prize at the end of these struggles that’s worth every minute. Because of that, I feel blessed.



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