Too early to celebrate??

Just talked to Julie. She went to her doctor this morning and they did a mammogram and biopsy.

After looking at the films, and the consistency of the biopsy, her doctor is fairly confident that she has an infection in her mammary gland.

Of course, we have to wait for the biopsy results to be sure, but Julie was given a script for antibiotics and told by her doctor not to worry.

She said that when women reach the age of about 40, we are more susceptible to these infections. Hormonal changes, etc. typically, a woman will notice a blackish discharge rather than a lump but both are possible.

While we aren’t 100% sure she’s ok, we feel better knowing it might not be anything requiring more than a round of penicillin!!


6 thoughts on “Too early to celebrate??

  1. Great news that Julie is just lumpy. I have really fibrous breasts and now I have no reaction when I get a call back for another look. I’ve had a couple of rounds of false positives. But since I am butch, I didn’t tell Donna until I got the results. I didn’t want to worry her (yes, sometimes I am an idiot).

    • We kept telling ourselves that it shouldn’t be too bad. She had her last mammogram just 7 months ago. But that C word can scare the crap out of a person. We are still a little edgy but not nearly as bad. Should have the biopsy results back in several days.

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