It was a drinking thing.

This weekend I blew off steam. It probably wasn’t what I needed to do but I knew that waiting for Julie to go to the doctor tomorrow, studying wasn’t going to be an option.

My friend J Will flew into Austin and me, her, her sister, brother in law and J Will just hung out. I talked to my two J’s about my most important J (Julie) and sadly, neither one had much to say.

So, we drank. And talked, and walked and drank some more.

No, it wasn’t productive. No, I didn’t find peace or serenity. No, I didn’t forget that my girl is probably freaking out but is refusing to show it.

At first I felt like I was running away. I felt like I was supposed to climb on a plane and go right back to Illinois. Then I talked to Julie.

“Wait until we hear what the doctor says. Don’t do anything rash. If there’s something to worry about, then we’ll discuss you and “us” and if/when you move. By the way… I’m spending the weekend in Chicago with Dana and Debbie. We’re going to get shit faced drunk!”

So, while I felt that I wasn’t exactly where I should have been (geographically) I didn’t feel completely horrible.

I’ve spent every opportunity this weekend thinking, talking, texting or checking in with her.

We will get through this. Good or bad. Together.


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