Where did the month go?

Today I received a text from a friend that is visiting Florida. “Happy May 1st!!”

As I looked at it I thought, “she’s lost her mind!” Then I checked my phone and noticed she was absolutely correct!

Holy Crap on a cracker!! What happened to April?? Where did the month go to? It slipped out in the middle of the night, never to be seen again!!

Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve lost entire weeks. I swear, in my mind it’s been around April 18th for about two weeks now. With studying for finals, writing my final paper for Comp/Rhetoric, working on my Algebra online, looking for a job in Illinois, dealing with minor drama from Louie, working on Julie’s house, the drama that our anonymous Nutbird created, planning a vacation, and still keeping up with work, I’m surprised I haven’t lost an even bigger chunk of time!

Tomorrow I have a phone interview with a firm that’s looking for a Senior Structural Infrastructure Construction Manager. That’s a very long title for the job I had at my last firm.

The job is located about 45 minutes from where Julie works but 1 1/2 hour from where she lives. The pay is commensurate with what I’m making now but the firm is much, much smaller.

We’ve looked at areas between her job and mine and think we’ve found a town that would suit all our needs should I get this job. Or any of the others that I’m looking at, in fact.

The problem I’m running into is that what I do is focused primarily in the Chicago area. Towns like Downers Grove, Chicago, etc are where the bulk of steady, long term work is at.

Since neither of us relish the idea of having to commute over an hour each way to work, we’ve decided that splitting the difference makes more sense.

I seem to have strayed off topic but trust me, it’s relevant…

Because we have found ourselves in a really good place with regards to our relationship, we’ve decide to put her house on the market, lease an apartment in the town where she works, and I’ll move when the right job opportunity arises. This will mean me having to commute for several months until the lease is up, but it sure beats only seeing her once a month.

Our plans were to put the house up in June. Start applying at apartments for a July 1 move in date and even begin researching (seriously) houses in the towns we like.

In my mind I was thinking this was ages away. It’s next month!! Again… Holy Crap on a cracker!!

I’ve managed to get the deck built, the cabinets replaced, new appliances installed (a dishwasher is a pain in the ass, btw!!), the basement re painted and new flooring installed and even put in flower beds and a few punches of color.

It’s not as if I’ve sat around just drawing a paycheck and not done anything. I just didn’t realize how fast time had slipped away from us.

I’ve always tried to remind myself that time will go by faster than I think, with regards to me and Julie being together. I guess this proves I’m more right than I first thought.

Now, I do still have finals to study for so I’m off to lose another large chunk of my day!!


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