I’m a dog person

There are two types of people in this world: Dog people and those who aren’t dog people.

I’m definitely a dog person. I’m one of those sappy, oh my God, look at that poor guy, he/she needs to be rescued, types of dog people.

I’ve posted about my dog, Riley, in the past. My beloved, funny looking Bassett/corgi mix. My friend and companion. I adopted him from the humane society close to 11 years ago. He was a tiny little bundle of fur back then and he chewed and climbed on everything.

Well, I’ve fallen in love with another little bundle of joy. Actually, he’s not little. He’s Julie’s dog, Murphy. He’s a black lab/pit bull mix.

I’m not one that subscribes to the notion that any particular breed is more dangerous to humans than the next. I firmly believe that the character of the owner is what makes a dog mean or aggressive, or docile and loving.

Murphy is an excellent example of that!

He’s playful and sweet. He occasionally sneaks up on the sofa to nap when Julie isn’t looking and has an expression of accomplishment on his face when he’s able to stay up there for more than a minute or two before being caught.

Anytime I’m at the house alone, he’s right by my side. Unless he knows that Julie is in the garage or outside, in which case he’s laying, dutifully, by the door she exited from.

He’s also turning into an awesome running companion. The little town Julie lives in has a beautiful park about 3 blocks away. Murphy and I will head in that direction around 9 am and have our daily adventure. Some days we actually run. He’s young and energetic. He isn’t easily distracted by the occasional squirrel or bird, so I’m actually able to get 2 miles in before he needs to stop.

Other days we just walk. We explore the trails and picnic area. Walk around the pond. Sit at the picnic tables watching the world go by. On these days he wants to sniff and mark everything.

The other day a lady brought her two little poodle type dogs to the park. Neither was on a leash and I immediately went into panic mode. I’d never been with Murphy when other dogs were around that weren’t contained. As they saw him, they each bolted in his direction. I tightened my grip on his leash and braced myself for impact.

Once they got within 4 feet of us they began to bark and yip like crazy. How did Murphy react? His ears stood up, he cocked his head and looked at them as if they had gone completely mad!

When Julie got home I asked if he had ever been around other dogs. She explained that she used to take him to a local dog park once in a while so he’s fairly well socialized.

The only problem is that he is obviously a pit mix so he’s not allowed to go anymore.

The poor guy has a solid black, sleek lab body and a big chunky pit bull head. No denying his DNA.

As I rub his head and snuggle with him, I wonder how anyone could not fall in love with this guy.

He’s well behaved and affectionate. Lovable and obedient. And down right fun to be around.

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve seen him charge that front door as if Satan himself were coming through it when he thought his space was being invaded. But, that’s ok. I know that if I’m not around, he’ll make sure Julie is well protected.

It’s been a long time since I was involved with another dog person. My ex had a puppy but her idea of a dog was more as an accessory piece than an actual companion.

Me? I have my dog because I believe that I’m good for him and he’s good for me. We take care of each other. He provides me with the responsibility I need to get me up and moving somedays and I provide him with unconditional love. We enjoy each other’s company. We have a bond. In fact, it’s as if we know exactly what the other is thinking at times simply because we’ve been together so long.

So yes. I proudly proclaim my status as a dog person! I’m responsible and attentive to their needs and in turn they are responsive and attentive to mine.

And now, I have another dog that I can love on all I want!!


7 thoughts on “I’m a dog person

  1. Sure hope when the time comes to join households that both dogs get along. Cld be interesting to see who the alpha turns out to be.

  2. Hope Riley and Murphy can co-exist in peace and harmony.
    Pit mixes get a bad rap,but a lot of them are just big mush balls (with a huge head, a big mouth, and a big goofy grin).

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