Time is fast approaching for our trip to San Francisco.

We’ve booked our flights, checked with J Will several times to make sure we are still welcome and we have been inundated with suggestions from friends and family.

“Go to Sonoma!” “Make sure you drive up the coast and take time to see Oregon” “Fisherman’s warf!!”

While we are so very appreciative of the suggestions, and I’m sure the chocolate that my boss keeps urging me to buy is amazing, we have decided to do a “play it by ear” vacation.

I’m certain we will take in certain sites. Why go to another city without checking out some of the wonders? Right?

J Will lives right on the marina. Within walking distance are a ton of restaurants, coffee shops, store fronts, etc. Part of me (a big part) is looking forward to simply waking up in the mornings, getting dressed, and walking to get coffee and breakfast while taking in the air.

Being lazy. Not thinking about work or school. Not thinking two steps ahead in an effort to plan for my relocation to the Midwest. Not stressing about anything at all!

I’m excited. I’m eager to spend time with the love of my life just exploring a new world together. And I’m hopeful, that I can feel this same sense of anticipation with her for many years to come!


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