Who woulda thought?

I forgot what it was like to go shopping with a woman.

My ex didn’t really care for shopping and it’s never been something I’m all that jazzed up about. I tend to go specifically when I need something.

Well, that was the reason for our trip this evening.

The last time I was here it was still fairly cool. Looking at the weather, I assumed that jeans would be just fine for this trip, but I was wrong!

Today has been rainy, so I’ve kept busy at Julie’s. Painting, installing cabinets, rehanging doors, etc. at some point around 2, I realized I was burning up! After taking a quick glance at the thermostat I noticed it was 76 degrees in the house.

This was not what I was expecting. I pulled up the weather and it had reached 75 here. By Sunday it’s supposed to be 80. My wardrobe needed to be addressed!!

I sent Julie a quick text asking if she wanted me to wait until she got home to go or if I should go shopping alone.

Well, you’d have thought I told her we’d won the lottery! “YES! I want to go!! Don’t you date go shopping for clothes without me!”

Now this had me a little worried. Was she afraid I’d need her guidance in picking out a suitable style of clothing or does she just love to shop?

Apparently, it’s the latter.

She gets home and quickly strips out of her work clothes and into shorts and a long sleeve t. I’m in the only pair of shorts that I brought which happen to be a size too big.

Off we go. J C Penney. It’s my go to for quick, affordable clothes that are of a decent quality and we didn’t have to drive to a larger city just for shorts.

As soon as we walk through the doors, she’s like a bear on red meat!! I am soon forgotten and her attention is focused on a rack of tank tops in about 700 different colors!! (Who needs any color besides black or white?)

I can clearly see that I’m now a ghost, so I venture off to the men’s department to tend to my own needs.

20 minutes later, with two pairs of shorts in tow I find her. In the fitting room….

She starts handing me this blouse asking me to see if they have it in pink… Tossing me that pair of shorts to exchange for a different size. Occasionally coming out to ask my opinion on an outfit. I swear at one point I thought it looked like a sweat shop exploded in that back room!!

In between fits of “ugh I really don’t like the way this is cut” and “here! Hold this one. I LOVE this one” I caught up on a little tv.

One thing J C Penney has learned… Keep the spouses and kids entertained while the shopping horror unfolds!!

Finally, 3 outfits, 1 swim suit and a few miscellaneous blouses thrown in, we were done. But wait!! We haven’t been to the shoe section yet!!!

Again, I follow behind. Like a whipped dog trailing it’s owner hoping for a pat on the head. I have my meager selection of shorts and all the items that she has conquered.

Now, this shouldn’t surprise me. Julie has a closet full of shoes. Tennis, flip flops, water, boots, heals, flats… Things I can’t even begin to describe. So the notion she would want to shop for shoes shouldn’t have surprised me.

As I sit on the couches, playing on Facebook, chatting with J Will, Julie occasionally comes over to ask what I think. One shoe on, one shoe off. It was like watching a wounded soldier hobbling off the battle field.

She was like watching a heroin addict at a methadone clinic!! She was ecstatic. It was frightening and lovable all at the same time.

Finally, we make our way to the register. As the cashier is to tallying up our “score” Julie looks at my shorts and says, “that all you need?” with a tone of disbelief. “Yep. Two pairs of shorts. Was only going to get one but thought I’d live dangerously!”

My sarcasm wasn’t lost on either her or the cashier. The three of us shared a brief chuckle and then Julie and I headed to dinner.

When we were younger, shopping trips were based on budget and necessity Now, we can afford to splurge when the notion strikes. Because of that, I never knew that Julie was a shopping junkie.

I have to laugh when I think about it. Little things that I’d never have considered before I’m seeing for the first time. And I enjoy that.

My old Julie is still here. Same beautiful eyes and gracious smile. But, the changes that I see make this new, all over again.

I guess if I’m here long enough this trip, I might even discover if she’s one of those “mani-pedi” girls too!


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