A Realization

After a lot of thought and discussion between Julie and I, we’ve decided that my shutting down my blog is a day late and a dollar short.

The damage is done. Nutbird has her info. What he/she chooses to do with it is now the issue at hand.

That being said, I will try to be more discreet so any future asshats that may stumble across my blog won’t be able to use the information I post in a negative way.

So, let me tell you about my day.

No, Nutbird, you haven’t put a wedge between us. No, you haven’t caused her to run and hide. She won’t quit her job and run into the witness protection and change her name.

No, I won’t become the barking alpha dog that puffs out her chest shouting, “BRING IT, BRO!”

If those were the desired outcomes, we are sorry to disappoint you. If attention was your goal, this will be the last post that I talk about you in. Sorry.

I flew in yesterday and we drove to Julie’s. We met some of her friends for dinner and spent a quiet, uneventful evening alone. This morning we woke up, and while she got ready for work, I fixed us breakfast and coffee.

I then kissed her goodbye, with the plans to meet her for lunch, and started my day.

This morning I’m meeting with the local police. I have to fill out paperwork giving them permission to access my accounts so they can dig. I’ve brought my laptop, smartphones and all other handy dandy devices so they can scan through them to see if 1. The threats originated from me (an inconvenience but since I have nothing to hide, I prefer to be eliminated so they can move on) and 2. To find out if there’s any malware on this stuff that someone else is using to glean information. Julie has already been through all this.

As we were beginning our day, we laughed at how we are almost glad that this joker showed up. I’m here. I woke up with my girl next to me and was able to hold and kiss her. So for that, I should be grateful.

After I speak to the police, I’m going to stop by my old firms office and just say hi. I know Dougie is in town and I figure if he knows I’m going to be a permanent resident in the near future, it might speed up his time table for a transfer. Besides, in engineering that old saying, “out of sight, out of mind” is true.

I emailed him last night and he eagerly said to stop by, so that’s exactly what I’ll do.

We are going to handle this. We will tackle this set back and not allow some hurtful, lonely person interfere with our lives.

I’ll stay as long as I need to in order for Julie to feel safe or until the police have made enough headway to deter this person.

Hell, my life has been so stressed lately, I’m looking at this as a long overdue break.

So, if Nutbird’s intent was to scare, it worked for a moment but now we’re over it. If it was meant to cause distance between us, that failed pretty miserably. If it was meant to bring some twisted sense of humor or power to him/her, then that is just sad.

I’m sitting on the porch, having coffee, watching folks head off to work. Life is still good. Maybe even a little bit better. Because this event has given me the opportunity to prove to Julie and those around her that I am here to stay. And I will be by her side when things get hard to bear.


3 thoughts on “A Realization

  1. I am so glad that you are able to see a bright side to all of this. You and Julie deserve to be happy and together .

  2. Having some one to share the burden, to listen with compassion, Is all anyone can hope for. I hope the perpetrator is caught and punished. I’m sure this episode will make you both stronger. Best wishes. ~ Dennis.

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