It’s time to trim the fat!

When working, I have an extremely active job.

I build roads, bridges, drainage projects, etc.

In fact, during heavy projects, it’s not uncommon for me to walk up to 7 miles a day and climb up to bridge caps that are 100′ high.

That doesn’t include all the lifting, squatting, twisting, carrying, etc.

Being off work for so long I have been pretty sedentary. I tried to stay busy in the beginning, but most of what I did couldn’t be considered physical activity.

Because of that, I managed to gain 40 pounds in 7 months. Yes, you read that right. Four Zero.

When I met Jenny, I had a 28″ waist, a flat tummy and had a fit upper body. I could wear just about anything I wanted because I didn’t have to worry about something not being very flattering.

Well, now, I’m no longer that fit and trim person.

I’ve noticed my arthritis is getting worse, I don’t sleep as well or as soundly as I used to, and I have very little energy. I also feel like “blah”

Jenny has decided that since she has now been diagnosed with diabetes, she wants to get in shape. She has gone to her doctor and is following a “diet” that he is overseeing. She’s doing great. Following it to a T.

Since she’s doing this, and I’m getting ready to start a HUGE new project, I thought it would be a good idea for me to be more proactive about my health.

I’m not following the diet Jenny is, but I am trying to stay in step with her. I’ve cut WAY back on my portion sizes and snacks. I’ve almost completed eliminated sodas. Started taking my vitamins more regularly, and I’m drinking around 5 bottles of water a day.

Is it helping? I felt like crap today. But I’ve lost 4 pounds already in just a week. So, I’m happy with that.

Will I get back down to my 28″ waist? Who knows. At my age, it’s harder to get in shape.

When I was in the Army, I could drop 10lbs and 4″ in no time. But I’m not in my 20’s and I’m NOT running and marching everywhere.

I’m also not eating a balanced diet, supplied by military dieticians in the chow hall.

But I’m trying. Cutting out sugars, cutting back on bad cards, eating less meat, and loading up on veggies.

Im not a fad dieter. I’d prefer to just eat healthy, good food and it become habit.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, I’d be thrilled to hear them.

Until then, here’s to me getting myself healthier and happier!


One thought on “It’s time to trim the fat!

  1. Thanks for explaining what your “handle” means. I’d have to say it fits and I like it! 😉 That’s so great that you’ve made the decision to get in shape too. It is SO much easier to do it when others in the household are doing it. I have willpower but not when someone is eating what I want right next to me. Ha. Good luck! I know you and Jenny will both succeed. Maybe your results will rub off on me and I’ll get inspired to take action.

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