I hate

I hate that this blog is censored.

I hate that I sometimes need to vent, bitch, whine, scream and I’m not allowed to because of what others might think.

I hate that I’m forced to stuff my frustration and anger down so deep inside me that I think I’m going to explode.

Is hate a strong word? Yes. But very appropriate right now.


4 thoughts on “I hate

  1. I hear ya. My blog used to be my spot for that, until I was chastised for it by someone in my “real life”. Now it’s still my thoughts, but not the full version. For a while I had a second blog (on blogspot, with a different username etc). It was a great place to vent, and/but no one was reading it.

    • I started blogging specifically to have a place to “dump” my thoughts. I figured if I could get them out they wouldn’t be draining the useful energy I had.
      When “real” people found it and started criticizing Jenny in “real life” it became a G rated notebook.
      It’s frustrating, but I’d rather censor than have her get an earful at social gatherings.
      Maybe a secret blog would be a good idea. But getting people’s input was part of the process, and like you said, no one would read it.
      Darned if I do, darned if I don’t. Lol

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