Well folks, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Remember my old boss? Asshat? Yes, I still harbor ill feelings for this moral sewer.

This morning I got a call. One of my technicians at the firm I worked at called and left a voice message.

“Lee. I just got a call from B-;36:/. He said that Asshats office has been cleaned out and there are cops standing outside of it.”

As soon as I heard this, I sprang into action.

See, this technician could pass for a lesbian. He has a flare for drama that even the most hard core dyke would think was over the top.

So, before jumping up and down with joy, that the universe had finally woke up, I called my old office manager.

When the secretary answered, I was told that the office manager had quit. As had the other supervisor and 3 of my technicians.

When I was there, I was the buffer between the “essential” personnel and Asshat. After I left, everyone became fair game. Because of that, they all left. Everyone except MY secretary.

See, she had been unemployed for a year when she landed that job so she refuses to go anywhere unless she has something else lined up. Hell, I can’t blame her.

The front desk secretary (yes, this firm still calls them secretaries, not receptionists) directed my call to my old secretary.

“OMG! How are you? What are you doing? PLEASE come back!!”

That wasn’t the response I was hoping for, but it did make me feel pretty good.

I’ve always tried to be the type of boss that is strict but fair. I try to take care of my people because I used to be one of them. I started at the bottom and learned first hand what loyalty would be given if a little human decency and professional courtesy was extended.

I explained to her the message I got and asked for clarification.

Apparently, Asshat is “still employed” but that is “pending a criminal investigation.”

Remember that moral grey area I said he lived in? Well, apparently, when the other supervisor and I left, he felt as though the company was his personal bank account.

The rumor is that over 1 million disappeared in less than a year. WOW!!

That’s a lot of greed.

Does this surprise me?

Not really. What surprises me is that it took corporate this long to catch on.

After a brief conversation, I discovered that only 2 of the original crew is still there. My secretary and the front desk secretary. Neither have a college degree. But, because they are all that’s left, my girl is actually running the whole show now!

Good for her!!

But wait. There’s more.

Apparently, the vice president is coming down from corporate tomorrow to assess the damage. Then Monday, the executive VP of CMT is coming in to take over in the interim.

What’s CMT, you ask? Construction materials testing. That was me. What I did/do.

Note, I said “interim

Apparently, the guy that hired me (senior VP guy) is looking to put his ship back together.

So…. My name was thrown out there and I may be hearing from him early next week.

As you’ll recall, I loved my job. Loved what I do. Even enjoyed the company I worked for.

It was Asshat that made the environment toxic.

So, we’ll wait and see.

Jenny commented that, “Maybe this is why God has taken so long. He had to wait until Asshat got caught.”

Whatever the outcome…. I get my job back or not, at least I know Karma is watching.


One thought on “Karma

  1. I don’t think “Congratulations! Your Asshat boss is a criminal” is quite the right sentiment, but that’s the card I’d send ya. I’m with Jenny, maybe something good will come out of all of this. If nothing else, like you said, Karma is watching.

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