These past few weeks have been pretty uneventful here at our house.

After leaving Pierre Part and coming home, we’ve been pretty lazy and taking each day as it comes.

I had an interview with TxDot in Bryan before the holidays and the Area Engineer said I’d hear back from him this week. Yesterday, I got a call from the Area Engineer at the Conroe office asking me to interview this week.

Saturday, we were invited to go to the house of some friends to help them build a miniature deck for their swimming pool.

Apparently, they’ve been wanting to do this little project for a while, but the friends who offered to help have always been too busy to get all their schedules in order.

I was teasing Jenny about it, saying that if we hadn’t been asked, I could have very easily been persuaded to drive back to Pierre Part to see my new grandbaby.

So, we headed to Magnolia and spent the morning and afternoon building, sweating, swimming and building.




We weren’t able to get it completely finished before the rain came in, but at least we got enough done that our friends can finish it up.

Whenever we get together with this set of friends there’s always a lot of food and drinks. We went out there for the 4th of July and it was another day filled with food, sun, cocktails and swimming.

Since Jenny had her oral surgery late last week, she supervised from the shade of the patio.

Sunday was a lazy day. We did literally nothing and that nothingness bled into Monday.

Today we took our 6 toed cat to the vet and I’m now waiting for my Mini Me to get home from her summer vacation with her dad.

All in all, it’s been a decent past few days. Still hopeful that I’ll get called to start work soon, but until then, I’m just trying not to get too grumpy.


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