Tv shows and their rankings in my world

Jenny blogged last night about the tv watching habits in our house.

But, as with everything in life, there’s always a second point of view.

Jenny doesn’t watch much tv. I used to be indifferent to it, but since I’ve been on an involuntary vacation, it has become my main source of company during the day.

I’ve always had a few shows I enjoy watching, but now I’ve got a laundry list of “must see” listings.

As I was reading her list, I was thinking and rating the ones I do like.

What I realized is that I may have a warped since of what is entertainment because a lot of the shows I like have been or are in the process of being cancelled.

So, here sample of the tv sows that I love/loved.

1. Lie to Me.
A show about a brilliant but arrogant man who has mastered the art of reading people’s body language and facial expressions in order to determine their level of honesty.

Status: cancelled.

2. Dead Like Me.
The show was the funniest dark comedy I’ve ever seen. Thanks to the power of Netflix, I’ve introduced Jenny to it and she likes it too.
It’s about a young woman who is struck down in the prime of life by a piece of falling space debris. More specifically, the toilet seat of a zero G toilet from a space shuttle.
Instead of entering the Pearly Gates, she’s forced to stay here and serve as a Grim Reaper, snatching souls of people so they don’t feel the pain of their gruesome death.

Status: cancelled.
However, due to the public outrage, Showtime did produce a full length feature movie after it was cancelled.

3. Fringe
This show follows a special division of the FBI that investigates unusual or “otherworldly” events.
Yes, that description sounds like X Files, but the events that are occurring are generally produced due to the existence of a mirror universe. The world that exists at the same time and place as our own but in another dimension.

Status: final season

4. Dexter
This one probably needs little explanation. It’s about a police blood splatter expert, turned vigilante.
Based on the book Darkly Dreaming Dexter(which I didn’t care for) each season revolves around his search for an elusive killer who is being chased by him and the Miami PD at the same time.

Status: still airing

4. Weeds
Back when this show first aired, it centered on a young widow trying to support her children, living in the suburbs of California, by selling pot.
But as time has gone by, she’s transformed from a funny, love able, dime bag selling soccer mom, into a hard core, foul mouthed, drug dealing ex con. It seems to have lost some of its charm for me.

Status: still airing

5. House
This was one of my “go to’s”. The irascible Dr. House was always performing radical and dangerous procedures to his patients, simply to complete a puzzle. He was loud, obnoxious and brilliant. Oh, and a drug addict. Let’s not forget that one.

Status: cancelled.
But, as a side note, the show bowed out before it got to be “old”. And it ended in such a way that it couldn’t come back no matter how much the public cried. Gotta give kudos for the producers having those kinds of balls.

6. The Walking Dead
A typical post apocalyptic look at a small group trying to survive zombies.
Yes, it’s based on a comic series but it’s got sex, lies, death and zombies. What more could you ask for??

Status: still airing.

7. Swamp People.
Ok, this is one of those shows that I now watch because I have a personal interest in the show. My daughter, ex, and grandson live in this town. While watching it, I’ve caught glimpses of Shemp in the background, seen shots of the place Dewey used to work and seen folks that I’ve met. So, while its not something I’d normally watch, I’m invested.


Status: still airing
(did you honestly think I wouldn’t stick a picture of my grandbaby in here somewhere??)

8. Alcatraz
This action drama follows a PhD comic book fanatic who is a leading expert on Alcatraz prison, a SF cop and a small group of specialist who were assigned the task of finding out where the inmates disappeared to, and why they are now reappearing without having aged a day.

Status: cancelled

Now these are just the biggies. The ones I watch still, even those that have been cancelled.

There are several that are hard to find, even as reruns that I enjoyed when they were on and hated that they were cancelled.

Shows like Jericho, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, The Sara Conner Chronicles, and Flash Forward.

Yes, I like my SciFi. But who doesn’t?

So, that’s my list. Jenny loves her true crime and CSI (which I like as well) but give me a “that couldn’t really happen” show, any day of the week.

Lately, I’ve decided to give Rizzoli and Isles a try. I love Tess Gerritson and if I remember it’s loosely based on her books, I’m ok.

Old stand by’s like Deadliest Catch, Animal Cops and all the DIY shows keep me entertained while flipping through the channels but there really aren’t a lot that still air that I have to see.

Maybe next season will bring me a new favorite to follow!!


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