Monday’s suck

Today is brought to you by the mood, Blah!

I’m back home and trudging along with the job search. I’ve been off for almost 6 months now. Wtf?!?! I have almost 20 years experience and I’ve gone on at least 10 interviews. Several seemed very promising but nothing transpired.

Today I am sitting home, after submitting 2 resumes today for companies that are looking for D.O.T. experienced engineers.

I had an interview with my old employer last Monday. Needless to say I did very well. I finished all the tests with time to spare and felt like the Area Engineer that interviewed me was relaxed and comfortable when talking to me.

Again, it felt like an, “I’ve got this!” moment. But I’ve felt that way before and been disappointed.

Jenny and I try to remember that God has a plan for each of us. I am well aware that things happen on his schedule and not mine. But it would be sooooo nice to at least get an idea of when things will turn around, on the job front.

I’ve got a beautiful new grandson.


He’s 5 hours away and even though he’s only 3 days old, that picture makes him look like he’s already growing up too fast.

I’m in a cabin fever kind of mood. I’m feeling pretty useless and I do miss my kids and grandson. (Louie is in Louisiana for the summer visiting her dad)

Jenny is enjoying her time off but I know she’s getting anxious about me finding a job too.

Money? We aren’t broke yet. She still gets paid during the summer and I’m bringing home a check too. It’s just not enough for me to do all I want to do.

What do I want to do? Well, I have to buy Louie a vehicle before school starts. We need to get Huey a car too. I’d like to get on a schedule to see my daughter and grandson on a regular basis, and that costs money.

So, what do I do? I pray. I apply for jobs. I thank God for the fact that I do have a life that’s better than some and I keep faith that he will make these things happen for me.

Until then, here’s hoping I can get beyond the blah’s


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