Gator hunting 101

Yes, I’ve blogged once today but as I said earlier, I’m bored.

So I have been chatting with Shemp about our new grandson, his job, my job search and alligators.

Now, something you should know about him is that he’s a true redneck. He loves to hunt, fish, collect broken junk that he sees potential in and sees himself as someone that could easily live off the grid.

He is living in Pierre Part, LA. As I’ve stated, this is a small town. Remember me talking about seeing Clint? Well, before Liz Cavalier became a regular on Swamp People, Shemp dated her cousin.


My daughter, Dewey, used to work at The Rainbow Inn so she has several interesting stories to tell about the Swamp People, too.

Anyways, I digress. Shemp has been wanting to go gator hunting for a long time. Ever since he moved down there about 4 years ago.

Today we were chatting and joking about it when I decided to do some research. “How lucrative is this field?”

Well, come to find out, there’s a reason these guys can get by on just gator hunting.

There are 2 seasons per year. One is 30 days the other is 37. The state of Louisiana will sell a resident a gator license for $25 and the hunter states how many tags they can fill.

People like Troy Landry will sometimes request up to 500 tags.

Anytime you kill a gator, you have to tag it. Regardless of its size or the condition. (like any other sport). But the price for a gator varies.

Anything 4′ or smaller is pretty much useless. (for the record, if a 3′ gator was coming after me, I’d run just as fast as if a 50′ one was)


5′ is where you start making money. $10 per foot. Then the price goes up $2 a foot until you reach 10′. Then it’s a whopping $22 per foot. WOW.

So, if you do some basic math…. If these guys fill 350 tags with gators they can sell (conservative). And they catch an average of 7′ per gator. That’s over $37,000. Multiply that by 2 seasons and they just made 70 k in 2 months time.

Not bad for a crazy ass in a boat with a gun.

Now, am I going to relocate and change careers? hello! Note the part where I said crazy?

On second thought, it might be a good excuse to go see my grandbaby for 2 months out of the year.

(yes, if I will show random strangers on the elevator pictures of Little J, you can expect to see them at every opportunity here.)

Plus! I do not have a job.


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