Little J

This weekend was one of the scariest, happiest, saddest, tiring, and most exhilarating. All at once. What caused this?

My oldest daughter, who lives in Pierre Part, LA, had her baby.

The dad is a native. So he’s got a lot of French blood. He’s a small guy, only about 5’6″ tall and he talks just like you’d expect a Cajun to speak…. Like he has a mouth full of cotton.

When I found out my daughter was pregnant, I was horrified. A LOT of people in this town are related. And sadly, I’ve heard rumors from locals, that there’s a lot of folks there who are biologically related to their spouses. yikes!

So I had images of my future grandson being born with webbed feet, and a lot of hair…. Everywhere!!

I got a text from my daughter on tuesday saying they’d be inducing her labor Thursday. So Jenny and I sprang into motion.

Arranging hotel reservations, coordinating with her wasband to take care of her kids, planning for pets to be taken care of and shopping for the last minute baby items my daughter would need.

As we were driving the 5 hours to Pierre Part, I was still worried. I had visions of my grandbaby being less than perfect.

In case you’re wondering why Pierre Part sounds familiar? It’s because it is one of the places that is featured on the show “Swamp People”.


In fact, this town is sooo small, we happened to run into Clint Landry while visiting Shemp. Apparently, Clint was hanging out across the street from Shemps house just having a drink and chatting with friends.

Anyways, the time came. She was pushing and the baby was on his way.

As I said, the dad is a small guy. My daughter, Duey, is tiny too. 5’1″. So we were expecting a little baby.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The doctor was shocked at the size of this little guy. 8 lbs, 3 oz. he was so large, my daughter received a type 2 tear and her cervix was torn.

When I went into the room, it looked like a slaughterhouse. My baby girl was surrounded by blood, she was pale, cold to the touch and her lips were blue.

Words like transfusion were being thrown around.

The baby? He was fine. But my baby was suffering. I was a wreck. Crying, ringing my hands, pacing, asking questions, trying my best to sooth Duey, while images from the hospital scene in “Terms of Endearment” ran through my head. I wanted to scream and yell until someone made her all better!!

We were asked to leave the room so they could clean her up.

After about an hour, they announced she was stabilized and would be ok.

Then it became time for me to focus on my grandson. He has 10 fingers and 10 toes. Dark brown hair (we are all blonde so its a symptom of his daddy.)

He didn’t have any webbed digits or fur growing on him.

Holy Shit. He’s adorable. And in that first few hours of his life, he won my heart.

So, no matter how he talks as he’s growing, or if he decides to wrestle gators for a living, he’ll be my Little J and he’ll be loved on from this day forward.

As a proud “Nonni” let me introduce you to my grandbaby. James Russell Metrejean. Born on June 29, 2012 at 5:09 pm. 8lbs 3 oz and measuring 20.9″ long.



Tell me he’s not the cutest thing ever?!?!


2 thoughts on “Little J

  1. Congratulations! What a cutie! He’s going to have you wrapped around his finger, no doubt. I’m so glad that everything went well and that Duey is healthy and through that trauma. Scary, but worth it. Congratulations, truly!

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