Tomorrow I have an interview. It’s with an engineering firm that’s in Conroe and honestly, I’m not sure what I’d be doing.

As you can probably tell from my, not so enthusiastic, description; I’m not so enthusiastic.

First off, when the supervisor called me on Friday, his reaction to the discovery that I’m female, was less than joyous. After a lot of stuttering and stammering, he set me up for a 10 am slot on Monday.

I got up, showered, dressed and began the hour long trek eastward. I arrived at 9:50 only to discover that he had forgotten our appointment. “Can you come back tomorrow?” ughhhh. That’s got to be almost as unprofessional as the interview that involved profanity and a 3 hour wait in the lobby.

So, I graciously said I understood (that he’s an idiot and I’m not really impressed) and stated that he could call me to reschedule when he came in. See, all this dialogue was happening between me and another engineer because the supervisor was in Galveston.

As I was sitting here pondering my most recent applications (TxDot, a construction firm in Austin, another in Cypress) my phone rang.

It was him. “Hey, I’m so sorry about yesterday. I really want to see you so can you come in tomorrow? 8am?”

Well, I’m at the point that I’ve decided I’ll take anything that will pay the bills until one of my other prospects comes through, so I agreed.

At least this weekend Jenny and I went to Austin. A friend was admitted to the hospital for an unknown allergic reaction We saw some sights, ate at some of my favorite restaurants and hung out at my buddies house.


Jenny, eating the famous Baby A’s soup. Yummy!!



A few shots from Innerspace caverns.

All in all, it was a decent weekend. My friend was released Sunday, we took our time driving back and started our week off.

Today, I cleaned out my truck, had the oil changed in it and Jenny’s van and just hung out.

Tomorrow, I’ll see what this place holds. Fingers crossed that his first impression was one that’s out of character for him.


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