Life here lately

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Some things are still the same.  We still have the on again, off again custody of the kiddos.  The youngest boy has become more verbal about staying with us more.  Apparently there is too much noise and “chaos” at his dads house, so once in a while he wants a day or two of just being able to be here and not have to listen to any drama or noise.

The youngest isn’t enjoying the idea of having to spend time at her dads as often as she has to.  She has expressed to everyone that her preference is to live here with Jenny and I full time, but, that’s not an option due to her age and the court order giving her dad joint custody.

My daughter, Louie, is going to be going to her dads for the summer starting on Saturday.  (technically, she will only be gone a month, but a month seems like a long time to me)

The job thing?  Well, I’m still waiting to hear back from Texas A&M.  Apparently, they are dealing with some red tape here and there and haven’t made an offer to anyone yet.  Considering I can’t wait indefinitely for them to call, I’ve applied at my old stand by….. The Texas Department of Transportation.  Yes, the good ole’ boys network.  It’s stable, crappy pay, good benefits, and best of all, it’s what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years.

The fact that I have, individually, won more awards for the construction of bridges and highways in the state of Texas than the entire Houston District has been awarded, combined, might be the reason that they were trying hard and heavy to recruit me a few years back.

So, when they posted an opening for a project manager (a position that hasn’t been available in this district to the general public in over 3 years) I applied.  Will I get it? Who knows.  If nothing else, the office that I’d be interviewing with would have access to my personnel file from the 10 years I was employed and will see what my work history is like.

For now?  I am still waiting and looking.  I really had no idea that it would take me this long to find a job.  I’m literally blown away.  So is Jenny.  After talking to my rep at the workforce commission, apparently the number of positions available in comparison to the number of applicants is at a record high.

For each job, there are 22 qualified applicants.  WOW!  I’m good, but the truth is, I’m still a woman in a male dominated field.  And I’m not bilingual.  Yes, that makes a difference in an area (and field) where the majority of employees that would be working for me are Spanish speaking.

God will provide.  I get frustrated.  I get disillusioned.  I get pissy.  But, I haven’t given up.  I may have to take something outside of my field to provide for us until the right job comes along but that’s just something I’ll have to do.

Other than these few developments, not much is going on.

Jenny and I are on the committee to build the float for our church for Pride so I’ll be sure to keep folks posted on that but for now, it’s the


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