Cruel, hurtful, hypocrites.


The fact that Jenny is sitting in our room crying has me pissed!

The fact that once again it’s her immediate family that has caused her this pain has me boiling mad.

I’m at the end of my rope. Not sure what I’ll do, but knowing me, it won’t be very diplomatic.


2 thoughts on “Cruel, hurtful, hypocrites.

  1. I would say . . . leave it alone.
    As the DIL of an EXTREMELY difficult FIL I understand how you feel. How often I wanted to tell him exactly how I felt but DH always asked me not to, saying it would only make things worse.
    It’s HIS father. It’s HER family. While it is extremely painful to watch our loved ones being hurt – and especially when there are also children involved – it’s not OUR family and family dynamics are so complex.
    Since you are a Christian . . . we ought to treat others as we would want to be treated.
    Leave the door open . . . things may change. If they don’t, in the words of my great-aunt, “There is a higher power that will take care of things.”
    Anyway . . . that’s my humble opinion.

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