I’m about to spew.

It’s about 10 pm on Saturday night. The kids just got back from Jenny’s parents house with her wasband and his new wife.

I may never publish this, because when I voice my opinion about the way her family is behaving, she tells me I’m being overly critical of them.

Her wasband actually got married about a month ago. He went to California, and in some “super secret” ceremony, married a woman that he hadn’t seen in years.

For some reason, they thought it would be a good idea to have another informal ceremony for the benefit of his parents.

So today they trudged down to the pastors office in Waco, Tx and had a 15 minute service.

When they got back to town, they all went to Jenny’s parents house. Why? So Jenny’s family could meet the new wife.

I guess the shift is now complete. Jenny has been completely discarded and replaced with a newer, “straighter” version. Yippee!! This must be such a relief to her family. Now they have a daughter that is not a shameful, humiliation. Whew! Glad that’s over!

And the challenge I put out there a while back? When confronted by one of her family members? How many calls, texts or emails did Jenny get? Zero! Nope. Not a single person in her family that supposedly loves and misses her tried to contact her.

It’s funny. I drove past a church the other day and the sign said, “If you’re going to talk the talk, you need to walk the walk.” I’m sure this meant if you talk about being a good Christian you need to be a good Christian. But, it also stands to reason it means if you want someone to believe you feel a certain way, lip service is about as reputable as a political promise made in November.

I don’t care if her family ever accepts me. I could care less if they even meet me face to face. But the fact that she hasn’t been allowed to participate as a member of their family in over a year, and a stranger is now welcomed with open arms is hypocritical.

But that’s ok. Jenny has a family that loves her and accepts her. And quite a few of us would defend her to the bitter end. Kris, would gladly stand between Jenny and anyone that wants to drag her down. Neff wouldn’t ever turn her back on her in her time of need. Jessica would be the first person to lend an ear if Jenny needed to talk. Shemp would offer a shoulder to cry on and the defending nature that a brother would offer. Amy? Well, Amy is the wild card. Just like every other family, we’ve got a crazy.

And there’s me and the kids. Her Christmas morning will always be filled with laughter and excitement. Her Thanksgivings will always be packed with too many people, too much food and love.

Her birthday will always be celebrated as the day the world was blessed with such a loving soul. And she will be told, each and every day that she is perfect. No matter what life she lived before today.

I’m damn lucky to have her in my life. Anyone that knows her, is. So if she’s nothing more than a used tissue (something vile and unclean that should be disposed of) then go about your business. Because you may love conditionally, but we don’t.


4 thoughts on “I’m about to spew.

  1. This so resonates with me, my poor girlfriend has a tough time with my family and how they treat me…and I`m incredibly grateful that her family has so quickly become my family. I can`t imagine how tough it would be to deal with your in-laws the whole thing is maddening and I’m just a random new reader…

    • It’s no fun watching someone you love being treated like a second class citizen by their own family.
      I’m sorry if you are dealing with similar scenarios in your own life.

  2. This is sooo my family right now. I know N in real life, and this just breaks my heart. 😦 Please let her know J and I are thinking of her as I know she rarely checks FB. ~B~

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