When it rains, it pours.

Well, it’s been 2 months now that I’ve officially been a member of the unemployed.

That completely blows my mind. I had no idea it would take me this long to find a job.

I haven’t written much, because I guess I thought I might jinx things.

I get up, look for work, submit resumes and fill out applications and then go about my day.

It’s been good and bad. Being off, I’ve had time to take care of Louie and the pigs, work at the barn, get everything moved, pour a patio in our new backyard and help out around the house a bit.

I was looking at my resume and noticed something kinda funny: with the exception of my last job, every job or promotion I got was in April. No kidding. Dating back 12 years, every career move I made was in April.

Makes sense, though. What I specialize in is somewhat “seasonal”. Concrete can’t be poured unless the temperature is 40 degrees and rising. Hotmix (asphalt) can’t be placed unless the surface temperature is a minimum of 60 degrees and rising. Most of the major roadways can’t be closed unless it’s between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. So that limits when we are able to build.

Toll roads, bridges, streets, major drainage projects, infrastructures. That’s my specialty. It’s what I’m good at and what I love.

But, it only happens between the months of May and September.

Yeah, you’ll see crews working all throughout the year. But for me, I usually work at such a large scale, I’m called upon to do the big jobs. The ones that have to be done at specific times in specific weather because of decisions the legislature has made.

That’s the problem I’ve been running into. Every interview has ended with “you are more than qualified, but we are concerned that when the construction season starts, you’ll go somewhere else because you can make three times as much building a toll road.”

And I get that. Really. It’s business. They don’t know me. They don’t know my work ethic. They only know that others have burnt them and I have to pay for their sins.

That being said, we are approaching my season. When the birds are singing, the trees are blooming and HMAC is heating up.

Yesterday I got a call from Texas A&M University. Coincidentally, the same school I received my bachelors from.

They are looking to hire a supervisor for their street and pavement department.

A&M is pretty much a city within a city. Because of that, they have their own infrastructure department. And they called to see if I’d be interested in interviewing. Heck Yeah! Back in Aggieland!

They said I’d be getting a call to set up the date and time later this week.

That made me feel a little more confident.

Then, a few hours later, I noticed an email. It was from the Harris County Flood Control District.

Several weeks ago I applied for a position with them as a Construction Manager.

Well, they emailed me a set of papers and asked that I fill them out and physically bring them to their offices. So I did.

Went down this afternoon and while I was there, the supervisor recognized me and had me go ahead and fill out all the paperwork that’s usually reserved for when you interview. She told me they would start calling people for interviews this next week, also.

So, in the matter of just a few hours I had two opportunities that will hopefully produce the results I’m seeking.

Wish me luck!


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