I hate dentists.

I consider myself to be a pretty tough person. In my career I’ve had broken bones, stitches, dislocated joints and worked with H1N1 and bronchitis.

But I do not like dentists. I woke up two days ago with a swollen jaw, and a sore tooth.

My philosophy? It’ll get better or it’ll get worse. But I can tough it out.

Well, it got worse. I now have a pain that is stretching into my neck, my gum has swollen up to the top of my tooth and I can’t chew on the left hand side of my mouth.

What should I do? Probably go to the dentist. My former employer agreed to provide me with insurance until March 31. But, I got a letter on February 28 telling me that it had been cancelled.

I have a signed contract. So there’s a part of me that says I should just go to the dentist and then send the bill to my former employer.

It’s something I need to discuss with Jenny. I’m off work, so it’d be the perfect time to take care of this. But, what if this turns out to be something big. Something that requires multiple visits beyond March 31?

I can’t keep popping excedrin and sucking down oragel. But I can’t make a decision that could cost thousands without talking to Jenny.

I’ll keep ya posted on what we decide.


2 thoughts on “I hate dentists.

  1. I am not a dentist, but have been a dental assistant for 33 years. What you have going on sounds pretty serious. You really do need to see someone. It will not go away, and most likely will only get worse. I know how costly it is. ( I work for a dentist!) However, you can’t ignore this. An infection like what your are describing can travel. Hope you can find the help that you need.

    • Went to the dentist. She looked at the Xrays and discovered it’s just a gum infection. Something got under my gum line.
      Teeth and bone are good. She relieved the pressure and gave me antibiotics and I’m already feeling great.
      I agree with what you said about it becoming serious.
      Alls good!

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