The soundtrack of my life

Some people wonder where Louie gets her love of music. She’s won awards in UIL competitions for choir, year after year.

She doesn’t have perfect pitch, but it’s pretty darn close. Her and the choir she’s a member of are so good they’ve been asked to sing with the LSU choral, perform The National Anthem at televised pro basketball games and are scheduled to perform with the Texas Tech choral next year.

They definitely kick ass.

Her dad was in band in school (he played the trombone and bass guitar) and I played the flute, coronet, and guitar. 6 string. My fingers weren’t rough enough back then for 12.

The fact that she loves music isn’t a surprise to us or those who know us well.

In the early days of smart phones, my biggest requirement was that I be able to load and play music. One of the many reasons I love my iPhone.

Music for some is soothing. For others it can provide motivation or inspiration. For me? It’s all of the above.

I have always used music to direct my moods.

In my Jr. High days, I was the aspiring athlete. Basketball, track, volleyball, softball. One of the main ways I trained was to run. And I hated running. So, to motivate myself I’d shove my headphones in and crank up everything from The Cure to Whitney Houston.

Yes, Whitney. One moment in time? The anthem from the 88 Olympics.

Through my Army career, I was in combat arms. That meant I was required to run and march a lot! . I wasn’t able to put headphones in, so I’d sing to myself. Funny, but a Keith Whitley song was my go to. When you say nothing at all.

Now a days, I still have a very eclectic taste in music. Country, contemporary Christian, pop, rock and even a little Michael Buble. (he’s hard to stick into a box)

One of my most recent favorites? Eric Church.


His song Springsteen makes me want to just close my eyes and hum along.

Another singer that I drift back to from time to time is James Blunt. Yes, the hoakey balladeer from a few years back.


He kinda reminds me of the guy that plays Napolean Dynamite, Jon Heder.


I’d almost forgotten all about James Blunt until one day, while having lunch at Hula Hut, I heard a song that I had to Shazam. It was I’ll be your man. And it made me smile.

But, my all time favorite, never let me down, artist is Pink!


She can be angry, gentle, loud or mellow. She can make me think; Fuckin Perfect or make me dance; Raise your glass.

She’s unapologetic and sometimes annoying.

But whatever she is, she makes me feel better!

I still listen to my life long favorites too: Everclear, Reba, Ronnie Dunn, The Bee Gees. You name it, I’ve got it on my playlist.

So, whenever you think you need a pick me up, pop in your favorite tune. Turn the volume up and turn the world down. Close your eyes and let the melody take you away. It may only be a 3.57 minute vacation, but sometimes that will do you a world of good.


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