It’s the little things that get ya!

We’ve been living in the new house for a week now.

As with any new place, you discover things that you didn’t notice on the first inspection.

Because of those little “glitches” I seem to be spending a lot more time at our home improvement store than I’d like.

The kids main bathroom… Only one hand towel rack. That would make sense if there were only one sink. But there’s not, so the girls needed “balance”.

The master bath…. There are no hand towel racks. And there’s not really a place to store towels. Unless, of course, Jenny gives up some of our shelves in the closet. And that is not an option.

The main hall… A coat rack for Jenny’s purse and the hoodies that somehow manage to end up thrown in a chair.

The garage… We have 2 nice vehicles. We’d like to park them both in our garage but since we don’t have a shed yet, we maneuver the van around the mower, edger, shovels, etc.

Grass… The front yard has sod but the back looks like the sahara. This is something I’ll remedy soon but until then, the dog receives a mini pedi each time he comes in.

The water closet…. Granted, it’s just a room with a toilet, but you always have those moments when you notice the person before you didn’t change the empty roll. That discovery always seems to come after you’ve begun your business.

The breakfast bar…. There’s no barstools. So we either eat standing up, or trek our way into the formal dining room, which is a catch all for unpacked boxes.

These are minor things. And I’m slowly but steadily marking each one off my to do list.

I’ve purchased most of the things we need. Medicine chest, towel racks, hardware, firing strips, storage hooks, etc.

I’ve priced bigger items like sod and the cost of a patio.

So nothing is really too out of control.

Now if I can convince Shemp to help me move the larger items over from the apartment while he’s in town this weekend, we can stop digging through bags to find socks, underwear and tank tops.

All in all, everyone is happy. The kids have space and Jenny and I have a home that gives all of us the stability and comfort we’ve been wanting.

I was amazed last night. I walked in, after being at the barn and the house was quiet. My first question.. “Where are all the kids?”

“Larry is in her room doing homework, Huey is texting in her room, Mo is playing a video game, Curly is watching a movie.”

All this was going on in the far reaches of the upstairs and it was peaceful. But we were all together. It’s something we’ve never been able to experience until now!

Yep, we have definitely found our home.

If I can’t just get the kids to put their shoes in the hall closet so I’m not tripping over them, I’ll be in Heaven. One mountain a day!


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