House rules.

With our recent move, we have a larger space and we have decided that we need to provide more structure to make life more pleasant for everyone.

There are the typical rules that most households have… Be respectful, if you use it; put it back. No food upstairs, etc.

Sadly, because of our current situation with Jenny’s family we had to make another rule last night…. We won’t talk about her family.

Everytime we do, Jenny cries, I get angry that she is in pain and the kids feel torn. Well, all the kids except Larry and Louie. The two youngest girls.

They get as upset and irascible as I do.

The youngest, Larry, was so worked up last night she was ready to text her grandpa and give him a piece of her mind. Luckily, Jenny intervened.

I understand being convicted. And God is definitely worth conviction. But the reality is this: God gives us tasks everyday that push us outside our comfort zone. But we don’t get to ignore those tasks just because we are uncomfortable. Look at Jonah.

I believe everything that happens in my life is God’s will. He brought me to Jenny when we were both ready and when we needed each other most.

I’ve dedicated myself to her and our family. Therefore, her struggles are my struggles, her fears are my fears and her pain is my pain.

We reaffirmed this with one another yesterday and are moving forward. Together.


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