Countdown to the Houston Livestock Show!

It’s crunch time folks! Back in December, Louie and I made a three hour trek to San Marcos, TX to purchase a pig.

He was a 6 week old barrow spot.


He couldn’t even see due to his giant floppy ears. In fact, the green 2012 tag that was punched into his ear for identification, was bigger than his ear was.

He weighed 23lbs and I was able to carry him by his hind legs. When we took him to be castrated, he bit the crap out of my arm. I had a bruise the size of my foot for over a week!

As time went by, he grew. He shared his pen with his “big sister”, Bubbles. Louie’s FFA pig.


After she was gone, he had the place all to himself. Literally. Every pig was gone except him. See, not many kids have the discipline to raise, train and care for 2 show pigs.

Because he was alone, Louie decided to give him a little more freedom.

He met the cows next door.


Discovered the joys of fresh mud.



And even got his first haircut yesterday!

We are in the last few days before he’s put on display.

Packing on the pounds is priority #1.


3 feedings a day! This guy can really pack away the food!

Saturday, he’ll be taken to Reliant Arena and Monday is his big day!

So, without further ado… May I introduce, BOOMER!!


Fingers crossed!


One thought on “Countdown to the Houston Livestock Show!

  1. A quick update. Poor Boomer was quickly shuffled past one judge then the next and then escorted directly to the “market trailer”. Louie was told that the final judge didn’t like his skeletal structure so he didn’t make it to the final round.
    I’m still incredibly proud of Louie. She worked tirelessly with these pigs. Made a little money and learned a few hard fought life lessons.
    If someone had told me “for $2000.00 a year, you’ll know where your kids are, they’ll stay out of trouble and they’ll learn responsibility too!” I’d have paid it for my oldest. I will definitely pay it for the other three still in school if they’re interested!

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