More butchering.

Well, we all remember the chicken debacle. I was pathetic. If put in a position to have to process food for us, I could. But as long as there are professionals available, I’m going to give them the pleasure.





At $3 a chicken, we now have a freezer full of fresh, organic chickens.

Well, today is the second phase of my attempt to put food on our table.

The FFA show was 2 weeks ago. Several of the kids weren’t able to show their pigs because they didn’t meet the 200lb minimum weight.

One such pig is now in my possession. I paid $150 for a York named “Diesel”.

Today Louie and I loaded him up in the truck and are headed to the processors.


As I sit, waiting for the pig to be unloaded, I forgot that a pig has so many types of meat. Chops, bacon, roast, loin, ribs, sausage, ham. The list goes on and on.

I gave them our requests. 1/2″ chops. Medium slices bacon. Mild season sausage. All at $.55 a lb.

It’ll take about 4 weeks to get the meat back. But luckily, Jenny and I bought a freezer that’s scheduled to be delivered Wednesday.

On a more solemn note… Louie’s pig, Bubbles, is in the back in their feedlot, somewhere. Now she’s sitting here wondering if they would be willing to give her the tag as a reminder of the piggy that she loved for so long. I’m thinking that’s not a good idea.


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