I guess I’ve been shut down.

Today I received a comment from one of Jenny’s sisters in law on one of my posts.

Because her full name is on the address, I’ve chosen not to publish it.

In her comment I was told that I don’t have the right to speak for her. She’s right. I don’t. And sadly, she’s the last person I was addressing in my comments.

But, Jenny has asked me not to address anything that was posted because she feels it will make the wedge that’s already there, even bigger.

So, as with most other things, I’ll grant her request because I want to make her happy.

What does this mean for me and my brief blogging experience? I don’t know.

What does it mean for my home life? That’s easy. I’ll continue to get in my truck and sit at Starbucks anytime some member of her family shows up so we won’t offend them. I’ll continue to watch her cry and feel helpless each time her wasband is mean or cruel to her.

I’ll continue to be useless to provide comfort to her when she is excluded from family events, because she’s been told that she’s not welcome.

I’ll pretend to understand when a family member asks, “Why on earth would you attend a funeral with her?” because she chooses to be there for me when I need her.

I’ll go back to just sitting in the corner of her life because that’s what makes others comfortable.

Will I leave? Never. Because I’d rather play second fiddle than not be in the band. Because I love her. Unconditionally.


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