Yay, you have an awesome Internet provider.

I admit, some days I will blog more than once. I think my record was 3 in one day. (I’d have to go back and check)

But, I was having a hectic day that was crushing in on my brain so I needed a “relief valve”.

I subscribe to only a select few bloggers. The reason I do is because at one point, they caught my attention and managed to keep it.

Some come from “Freshly Pressed” but the ones I read the most often, have never seen their posts lifted up for the blogging community to scrutinize.

Why? Am I a “Freshly Pressed” snob? Not at all. But, I’ve noticed that most of the posts that find a place there are either someone’s collection of photography or foodies.

Yes, I love to eat. Yes, I like to see good photography. But, my favorite ones are those where the author has opened up their soul for all the world to see.

The posts that I can see myself as the main character in their story.

The ones that make me laugh, make me smile, make me think or even make me go, “I don’t get it”.

I like reading the folks that are simply having a conversation with a close friend, while others are listening in.

I feel like I am actually getting to know that person.

That being said, I’ve found myself annoyed lately.

I updated my WordPress app a week ago and discovered that I somehow inadvertently subscribed to several new bloggers.

One was ok. One was informative. And one has turned out to be downright annoying.

Yes, I finally went in and unsubscribed. I honestly thought, “I’ll give him a chance. Maybe he’ll capture my attention.”

Nope. All he did was fill my inbox with post after post about food.

In one evening he posted 7 posts in 20 minutes.

I agree. It’s your blog. Write whatever you want, whenever you choose. But, if you have been hoarding posts in your draft box, so you can simply bomb the community at once, you need to get cable bundled with that Internet.

Ok. Maybe I’m a little raw this weekend. It’s Sunday evening and my weekend has been spent moving and auto repairs. Yes, in addition to hauling, lifting and climbing, at one point I found myself under Jenny’s van changing the brakes.

So, perhaps my annoyance with Mr. “Omg, Mexican Coke is awesome!” is nothing more than my own irascibility surfacing.

I doubt he’ll even notice I unsubscribed. Like on Facebook. You have 300 friends one day and notice you suddenly only have 298. But, you can’t figure out who dumped you.

Oh well, as one of my new favorites said just today, “Life is better sorted on sleep.”

Good night, my friends!


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