The moving continues.

Today is going to be one of those days where I have 20 balls up in the air, and I’ll be lucky if I can only drop a few.

I was up until almost midnight packing and moving. As I’ve said before, we are moving the stuff from the house I was leasing first, then the apartment.

I loaded, drove, lifted, hauled, shoved and manhandled everything that was in the old house over to the new one.

Today, I still have to move everything that’s left in the garage. Ughhh!!

Ever wonder why most garages are a disorganized mess? Because it’s a catch all for a lot of people. Mowers, weed eaters, tools, camping gear, dog and cat carriers, various work equipment. Shit! I’m stressed just reading my list.

Yesterday I had Louie to help and Jenny pitched in for a few hours after work. Today, it’s all me.

I also have to do the final clean up on the house. Just about everything inside has been dealt with so that part won’t take long.

Oh, did I mention I’m supposed to be at the new house so they can deliver our furniture between the hours of 10 and 3? Great! After all this I have to go to the Houston Rockets game. Louie is singing The National Anthem with her choir so I’ll be in downtown Houston, fighting all that traffic hoping to get home in time to finish up at the house before tomorrow.

Now the game I’m ok with. I am so excited for Louie! How many people can say that they sang The National Anthem at an NBA game?!?!

I’m exhausted. I’m sore. I’m stressed. And I’m overwhelmed. The only thing that keeps me from throwing my hands up is the knowledge that it’ll all be worth it.

To be sitting in our new house on Sunday morning, having my cup of coffee with Jenny!

For now I’m up, moving slowly and stiffly and feeling grateful that I won’t be moving again anytime soon!!


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