The final countdown.

Tomorrow we close on our new home. Jenny and I are both nervous and excited. Having a place big enough for everyone will make things so much easier and more comfortable.

But a bigger house, sometimes comes with bigger bills.

The logical side of us says, right now we’re paying a combined 4800 a month on rents, utilities, groceries, etc. The new house is half what our two rents are. We’ll only have one electric bill, 1 cable bill, 1 water bill.

The nervous and conservative sides of us say, what if one of the cars breaks down? What if a huge medical bill comes up? What if?

Today is the final push to finish up at my house so tomorrow after we close we can start moving stuff over. Then, we have until mid march to get the apartment packed up and moved.

The apartment manager has said she will try to rent the apartment out at the rate we’re paying now and we only have to pay $100 to do that. Otherwise we may have to pay rent here while living in the house for 2 months.

It might get tight. It may get scary. But I can’t help believe that God wouldn’t have allowed all this to happen so smoothly and quickly if it weren’t meant to be.


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