Our moving saga

I am wore out, burnt out, and I can’t seem to give a damn this morning.

I’ve taken Louie to school, fed the animals, and finished all the laundry, dishes and have even managed to get the kitchen and master bath packed up.

In fact all that’s left in the master bedroom is the bed and night stand. The guest bedroom just has a tv and air mattress that needs packed away. And the living room is basically just a catch all for stuff that’s being donated or tossed.

So logically, I’ve gotten a lot done. I was hoping to tackle the garage tomorrow. There’s not much in there so other than the camping gear and what few tools I have, most everything will be thrown away.

Saturday? Well, that’s the day for the lawn and for Louie to finish up her stuff.

Then on Sunday I’m going to clean the carpets and hopefully start hauling the trash off. (that kinda made me sound like one of those people you see on tv that’s knee deep in junk. Lol)

Monday? Well, that’s where the interesting part comes in…. We will be processing the chickens.

Yep. We have to do that ourselves. The buyer that purchased the 5 that went to the show is supposed to get them by next Saturday. With all the moving, cleaning, job hunting, and school stuff, I figure we need to just get it done and might as well do it here so we can haul off the mess with the trash.

It sounds pretty gruesome. And considering we are going to be doing all 23, it might look that way by the end.

But I’ll have everything set up out back, bleach on hand and we’ll have the kitchen here to wash and seal them.

Not looking forward to it. But, it has to be done.

After all that is said and done, I get to take a break. Wait. No I don’t. I have to then go rent the trailer, load it and the truck up and move everything.

I think I’d rather be at work on a construction site. At least there I’d get some rest.


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