Moving Sucks


We are moving. Actually, if we are going to be technical about it, we are packing. On second thought, even that’s not accurate. I’m packing so we can move.

There. Much better.

I’m not upset about that. I’m not working, so instead of sitting home all day it makes sense that I’d be the one to pack up.

We are actually moving in “stages”. First the house. Louie and I don’t spend much time there and I’ve given notice to my landlord so on the 3rd of March, we can officially “vacate the property”.

Since we close on the 29th of February, it’s perfect timing.

I want to have the entire house packed up and ready to go by the 1st. By the 3rd, I’d like to have all the cleaning and lawn stuff done so the new tenants can just move right in.

The apartment will wait until spring break when Jenny is off work.

See, we weren’t planning to be able to close as quickly as we did, so we will be paying rent on the apartment until May. That sucks, but being able to consolidate the two households will make the peace and quiet that we’ll have well worth the money.

Today I did my usual routine. I got up, took Louie to school then to the apartment. See, I was at the house late packing, so Louie and I slept there.

It’s the first time I haven’t slept in the same bed with Jenny in months. And to be honest, I didn’t like it. But, I digress.

A while back we went ahead and had the Internet and cable turned off at the house since we weren’t ever there to use it. So after dropping off Louie, I went to the apartment to do my daily job search. Submitted a resume (there was only one job posted that was in my field) and then took care of the pig.

Then I came back to the house to start packing. (I guess resume would be a better phrase)

I’ve been diligently at it since 9 this morning. Now, at almost 1, I feel exhausted, there’s shredded paper and Knicks knacks scattered everywhere. Boxes stacked chest high in every room and laundry continuously going.

Progress? Right?

I’m sure it’s progress. But right now it just looks like a giant mess. And everywhere I look I see more stuff to pack.

I remember when I moved from my apartment to here. The packing took a week, the unpacking took a weekend.

But in the end, I’m beginning my new life with Jenny.

I’m excited, exhausted, hungry and impatient.

I’m grateful, on one hand, to be able to get so much accomplished during the days; but frustrated that I haven’t found a job yet.

I know. All things in due time. I just wish God would jot down his schedule for my life inMY datebook once in a while.

For now? I’m starving. Starbucks is not real sustenance and I should probably eat.

Fingers crossed. We have a great home, terrific kids and each other. Now if I could find a job that makes me happy and pays the bills, life would be perfect!


2 thoughts on “Moving Sucks

  1. Packing to move really sucks. The last time we did it it took me about 3 months – 25 years of accumulated stuff. DH wasn’t much help and 2 of the 3 kids had already moved out so it was all up to me.
    The best part – getting rid of years of accumulated junk – donated, sold, left on kerb, Goodwill, yard sales, kijiji . . . and still managed to fill a moving van.

    • I’ve found that I have almost half as many trash bags and boxes filled with stuff to donate, as I have boxes of stuff to actually move.
      Sadly, I’d rather be packing up boxes. The idea of having to take apart the beds and other large items is almost as daunting as actually doing it.

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