Crazy days and crazy nights!

We are moving. We are closing on our house the 29th and there’s a lot of excitement. There’s also a lot of tension.

Jenny and I don’t agree on certain things. She wants stainless appliances but I’m ok with just solid black. I want a new, comfy chair to call my own. She thinks that can wait. New, bigger house also means we need to have rules for the kids to follow. We don’t agree on all those either. But, we are getting there.

I still don’t have a job. I’ve had 3 promising interviews, but no word back from any. The last one they told me that construction won’t start until May, so it’s possible I may hear back later. Unfortunately, I can’t hang my hat on that.

So I get up each day and look for work. I take care of the pig that’s left and then try to deal with stuff for the move: transferring utilities, mail, packing, pricing appliances, ughhh!

It’s all exhausting and exciting at the same time.

I’m glad I have this time to off to get this stuff done but I feel like I’m not providing for my family. Yes, I’m getting a check. Yes, I still have medical insurance for me and my kids. But I’m old school. You get up and go to work, every day.

I know God will provide. And I know that things don’t happen when I want but when I need.

I’m still an impatient little cuss so I’m struggling.


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