A racing mind is a terrible thing.

This past weekend was exhausting, to say the least. We had the livestock show, Shemp came into town to support Louie and spend some time with her, Jenny and I took care of a lot of errands and chores that we’ve been needing to tend to and the every day hustle and bustle. Yep, we were busy.

Louie did sell her pig. Not as much as she’d have liked to have gotten but at least there’s one less mouth to feed. Literally.

Jenny and I finalized some of the paperwork on the house and are set to close on the 29th of February.

It was an emotional week for Jenny too. Saturday, as we were making trips to different home improvement stores, she decided to call her brother. Apparently he and his wife have an antique piece of furniture that belongs to Jenny and she wanted to see if she could get it when we move.

As I was driving, I noticed that she was crying. When she got off the phone she said that her brother had made comments about her “hiding” her life from her parents. That she didn’t need to flaunt information about her personal life with them but that she should take a “don’t ask, don’t tell” position.

Although he wasn’t intentionally mean to her, it hurt her. And it pissed me off.

I’ve commented on here in the past that she isn’t blogging as much as she used to. She says that its because of our limited free time. But that day she admitted that it was more than that.

She doesn’t want to “offend” any of her family with her blog.

That pissed me off too. They had the audacity to “throw her away” and now they want to dictate what she can and can’t write on her own blog?

Her sister is the most vocal and judgmental. Jenny will defend her family to the bitter end, and that is definitely noble. But, I have no loyalty to these people. It’s not because I don’t see myself as family. It’s because they are so self absorbed in their own personal beliefs that no matter what type of human being I am, I could never be of any value as a person simply because I’m gay.

So, here’s my little note to her family:

Get off the cross. Someone else needs the wood. You act as though you have all the answers and know exactly what is in God’s mind and heart.

You discarded your child, sister and in law. You don’t contact her or acknowledge her existence during times of family significance. You sneak around to interact with her, like some teenager that’s going against their parents wishes.

You tell her “I’ll pray for you” and it is tinged with an air of superiority.

Then you have the audacity to insist that she censor herself in the only forum that she’s ever felt comfortable in.

Yeah, fuck off!
>br />

If your sense of decency is offended because she talks about what we had for dinner, what we discussed while laying in bed on a Saturday morning, or how we plan to celebrate an upcoming birthday, then don’t read her blog! In fact, if her little tid bits sting a little too much, then I’m sure you might want to stop reading what I’ve got to say. I’m not nearly as nice and polite as she is about matters as important as family.

Don’t think that you have the option of dismissing her from your life, then demand that she bow to your wishes. It doesn’t work that way.

She is the sweetest most forgiving person that I’ve ever met. And quite frankly, I believe that all of you are taking advantage of that.

Either be her father, mother, brother, sister, in law, etc. and do what the rest of the world does (simply agree to disagree but love her anyways) or butt the fuck out!

Those are your options. Because you have no right to continue to cause her pain because you have this over inflated sense of morality because you believe that you are “closer to God” than she is.

Now. I have to go get boxes, switch utilities and start packing for our upcoming move. Yes, I said our! We bought a house together. It is where WE will be living with OUR children. So, if you’ll excuse me. I have things to do to ensure that MY family is taken care of before our move.

To the rest of my readers, I hope you have a fabulous day and be good to each other.


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