Sexting 101

A typical text conversation between me and Jenny.

Me: psst. I want you!

Jenny: Good! Because if at all possible it’s happening!

Me: Oh, that can definitely be arranged!

Jenny: Did Louie like her dinner?

Me: WTF? We were having a perfectly good sex talk her and now you’re asking about Louie’s food?

Jenny: I thought the same thing after I did it. I thought I must be crazy! I would totally rather talk about sex than dinner! It just crossed my mind because I got on the computer and the recipe popped up.

Me: What are you doing on the computer? Porn?

Jenny: how’d you guess?

Me: I wish your legs were wrapped around me right now!

Jenny: Oh! So do I!! I’m gonna go eat a brownie with some ice cream! Yum!

Me: Omg! Really? Do you have a tapeworm??? I love you

Jenny: I love you too. This brownie is yummy!!


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