Is there something in the air?

Ever have one of those days? The type of day when it seems nothing goes right, even though nothing is really going wrong?

Today is the 2 week anniversary of my lay off. I’ve been diligently seeking work since then. I’ve had 2 interviews and a few promising leads.

For some reason, today is just a day that I can’t seem to put myself in a good mood.

I woke up and took care of the animals. I then came home to finish up my taxes. I found out that I’ll be getting about 200 bucks back. Granted, that’s a far cry better than having to pay in but it almost doesn’t seem worth the effort of filing.

After that, I searched the web for any potential jobs. I’ve registered with the big sites like Monster and Indeed and I’m using my existing contacts to submit resumes to other companies. Yes, I’m registered with the unemployment office. But, I am beginning to think they really have no interest in actually helping people find jobs. Today, for example, I was sent links to 83 jobs. Each and every one was for an over the road truck driver. Wtf?!

My resume doesn’t read, “Bachelors of science in civil engineering, almost 20 years experience in infrastructure design and construction…. But I wanna deliver salsa to Ohio!”

So, after searching for a few hours I decided to put the laptop away before the frustration got the best of me.

I submitted 3 resumes yesterday so 1 day should be ok.

After that I called TWC; the unemployment office. As with every well oiled government office, processing claims can take months. So I decided to file my claim, and just report my earnings from my employer until they run out. Then if I do have to collect, my claim is already approved and they just cut me a check.

Sunday was my assigned day to check in. So I called, ran through the automated system and answered all the questions as honestly as possible. When it asked, “Have you received any payments from your former employer?” I responded by pressing 1 to indicate “yes”. I was then told to call a different number.

I attempted to call the number yesterday, but apparently Monday is not a day that you can handle these issues due to “a high call volume”. So I was directed to call back today. Yep, a finely oiled government machine.

So, today I called, waited the 19 minutes, then spoke to Damian. “You indicated that you were paid by your former employer? Ok. Let me check on something. I’ll be right back.”

I was then placed on hold for another 10 minutes.

“Ok. We’ve accepted your check in. Your next check in date is on Feb 13.”. What? That’s it? Oh well, at least I got it done.

Then, it was off to the barn. The chickens are big enough that we had to spread the bands on their wings. Since the girls who are raising chickens are scared to grab them, I was the one stomping around and scooping up the disgusting little beast and helping the Ag teacher adjust them.

Now, while all this is going on, Louie is settling in to her, “angry teenager” costume for the evening. Apparently the Ag show, drivers ed, cheer tryouts and choir are going to consume ALL her free time the week of the 6th. And we all know that because of that, no one in the free world is permitted get within 5 miles of her without feeling her wrath.

So, we’re leaving the barn. All I want is a beer, dinner and a little quiet. Yeah. Fuck that! What dream world am I living in? There’s 7 of us crammed in to a 2 bedroom apartment because our leases aren’t up yet.

I get to the apartment and I’ve got Jenny. She made everything so much better almost immediately.

Then I hear what sounds like a leaking propane tank…. SHHHH!! It’s Larry shushing everyone from the living room so she can watch tv. When it doesn’t work, she begins turning the tv up so you can’t hear anything BUT the tv.

After dinner, Mo wants to go back to his dads house. Since I need to go to the house to feed my dog, we load him up and go retrieve the dog. I figure I might as well just bring him back with us so he’s not all alone.

When we get back, we discover that while Louie was in the shower, the remaining 3 kids have loaded up, and gone back to their dads for the night. Poor Louie gets out of the shower to notice that she’s been left all alone.

So, we’ve fed all the kids, let them spread out throughout the apartment to watch what they wanted on tv, play their video games and then they bolt back to dads.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think the kids need to be “stuck” here. But it is a little annoying to be spending a ton of money on food to feed them, give up time that Jenny or I would like to either use the computer or watch tv so they can, and then they sneak out.

It reminds me of the movies about aliens that come to a planet, consume all their resources, then leave.

Not to mention the fact that we are on the hook for a grocery budget that resembles that of a small Army brigade and Jenny’s wasband is off the hook for that.

And I don’t even want to get started on the dumbass kid working the register at Walgreens who I so rudely interrupted by having the audacity of shopping there.

So, while this hasn’t been a day that’s too bad. It seemed like nothing went the way it was supposed to.


One thought on “Is there something in the air?

  1. Reminds me of that old song, “Momma said there’ll be days like this; there’ll be days like this, Momma said.”
    Momma was right!

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