Today is a big day!

Today is the big day! Yesterday was exactly one week that I’d been unemployed. When I first moved to Houston, I didn’t know anyone. Had no professional contacts and didn’t even know the city.

I was literally, starting from scratch. It took me from November to January to start work for the company I just left.

I was hired before Christmas, but wasn’t able to start until after the holidays. So, roughly 2 1/2 months.

In this economy, not such a bad deal.

This time around, I had more training and areas of responsibility to put on my resume. I’d learned to deal with irascible people without losing my cool, and I’m more familiar with the way things operate within the Houston infrastructure community.

So, I’ve submitted at least 9 resumes and filled out several applications. And Monday I got a call.

It is actually for a position I applied for before my lay off.

They wanted to interview me. So I got dressed, and headed down town with the requested documents. It went well. Well enough that they asked for a preliminary drug test and a release to run my criminal background check. I left that day feeling a little more confident about my future.

They told me that after they ran my background check, they’d let me know if the Superintendent would want to schedule an interview and I could expect to hear back by the beginning of next week.

Well, I didn’t have to wait that long. The next morning they called. “We want to conduct interviews and was wondering if you could come in on Thursday?”

Hell yes, I could.

So I got the directions, the information for the person I’d be interviewing with and asked what documents (transcripts, licenses, certifications, etc) that I’d need to bring with me.

I was on cloud nine.

Then reality sank in. Just because this reads as a “perfect position” doesn’t mean it will be. It also doesn’t mean I’ll get it.

After all, I was excited when I got my last job and it turned out to be a nightmare with a paycheck.

So, I’m going today. Eyes open, realistically prepared. Praying that I remember that what I want, and what God has planned for me don’t always match.

I’ve prepared a list of questions to ask regarding what their expectations are regarding the person they hire. How much intellectual authority would I have? What administrative duties would I be responsible for overseeing? What percentage of my time can I expect to be spent in an office and on the job site.

Yes, I know some people will probably think I’m being too critical. But the biggest lesson I learned at my last job was that it’s not always better to make a lot of money, if you’re miserable doing it.

So, say a little prayer for me. Keep your fingers crossed, or just send good vibes my way.

I’ll let everyone know if I bombed or if I dazzled!


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