I shouldn’t be happy. But I am.

Well, I have now been in the world of the unemployed for 3 days now.

As I was riding home on Tuesday (the truck I had was part of my employment package. When I got laid off, I had to return it) I was wondering just exactly when I would go into panic mode.

I’m not the type of person to be content just floating from day to day. I’ve had a job since I was 16 and have never left a place without a back up.

This is the first time I’ve every lost a job. I’m the one that quits. But, that was always the reason I stayed at TxDOT as long as I did. The pay sucked, but they seldom had layoffs.

I’ve gotten up every morning and dutifully looked for work. I’ve applied at 9 firms. Beefed up my resume and called contacts to see what the industry is looking like here in Houston.

I even filed with the unemployment office. That was surreal. I filed once before but was back to work before I ever got my first check. Hopefully, that’ll be the case this time.

I have noticed something that caught me completely by surprise…. I’m happy. I was always content but I am truly happy.

I used to think that I didn’t want to go to work in the mornings, mainly because it was so damned early. I’d sit on the patio with my coffee and give myself a pep talk in order to get motivated.

I still get up at the same time, because we have pigs to take care of. But I’m in a good mood.

Even Jenny commented last night that I should have, “gotten laid off months ago.”

Yes, my future career is uncertain. I have a good reputation and 20 years experience. I’m still getting a pay check for the next two months and the unemployment would last for 6 after that. So financially, we are fine. I do feel like I’m not being productive, but that’s simply my ingrained work ethic.

I don’t have to deal with someone that is hostile, verbally abusive, argumentative and just a fucker in general. So I drink my coffee with a smile, run errands without feeling overwhelmed, and I am enjoying some of the best sex that Jenny and I’ve had in a very long time!! (this is where she’ll probably be blushing)

My relationship with the people that matter most to me is so much better!!

Fingers crossed that I do find something soon and that it’s in an environment that is a whole lot more productive and professional than the last!


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