24 hours ago, I had no idea I’d be writing this.

Every morning on my way to work I pray. Seldom do I ask for anything. I do give thanks for my children, Jenny, a home, clothes, job, food and my health.

Here lately I’ve simply stated, “I know you’ll provide me with the opportunity I need to improve our lives when I’m ready.”. Basically, I’m talking about my job.

I haven’t made any secrets about how I feel about asshat or the way our corporate office allows him to jeopardize the company. I go to work and trudge through each day. I walk in and brace myself emotionally for a day of confrontation and unprofessionalism.

Today was the last day I will ever feel that way. Thanks to the elimination of several positions within my company, I was laid off today.

Yes, as of 3:17pm I am now unemployed.

Am I worried? I don’t know. I feel relieved. I honestly feel as though God was saying, “since you won’t get off your butt and find a better job, let’s get this ball rolling!”

I was given a generous severance package. A decent benefits package. And several letters of recommendation.

I have a good reputation in my field and with my education, experience and abilities, I know I’ll be back to work in no time.

Until then, I guess I’ll be pounding the pavement looking for gainful employment so Jenny and the kids don’t worry.

Tomorrow is a new day. And hopefully the start to a bright new future.

Fingers crossed my friends.


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