It’s MLK day. Jenny and all the kids are home because schools are out for the holiday. But me? Well, I’m at work.

I’m not sure how I feel today, in general.

I can tell that I’m getting sick. I have a sore throat and my stomach isn’t my best friend right now. Last night I didn’t sleep very soundly, so every time Jenny moved, made a noise, or I had an odd dream, I woke up.

Today will be one of those “just tough it out until 4” kind of days.

I’m really bummed out that I feel this way, too. We had a good weekend. Jenny and I sat down to take a long hard look at our budget, and were relatively pleased with what we saw. We put a plan together and have put that plan into action.

I got my big flat screen hooked up and superbowl ready, we looked at houses and are happy to see that there are quite a few options in our price range in the neighborhood we want.

Louie met a new boy that seems nice and she seems to like him. And the other kids all seem to be in pretty good spirits.

So, outside of my feelings of ick, all is right with the world. Now if I’d only had the good sense to stay home in bed, I’d probably be in a much better mood.

The thing that makes these days hard is that everything seems to irritate me. My boss is even more abrasive than usual. I feel even more rushed to get things accomplished after work. And I don’t have a lot of sympathy or patience with anyone.

I’m a bear. I told Jenny from day one that when I’m sick, it’s best to just let me hibernate until the worst is over.

Being at work makes it hard to do that, so right now I’m trying to focus on not verbally attacking anyone for interrupting my Dayquil high.

Maybe I could keep myself preoccupied with other thoughts that don’t involve the drawing and quartering of Asshat or my techs.

So far I’ve played “Zombie Farm”, a little “words with friends”, looked online at houses, checked Facebook, and made a “to do” list for the household chores I need to catch up on this week.

All this while trying to avoid any human interactions. Can I keep it up? We’ll see. If you notice my face on the news tonight, it’ll be because I snapped. So wish me luck.


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