But, my plates full!

Every wonder where that saying “my plates full” came from?

I never thought much about it until recently.

Well, I can definitely say that mine and Jenny’s plates are full. In fact we’d trade them in for platters, but I’m sure someone, somewhere and somehow, would just fill those up too.

Another saying I’ve been running through my head a lot lately is, “you eat an elephant one bite at a time”.

In the past two months, it seems like everything that could be stacked on two people has been. And there’s at least 27 hours worth of “to do” list in any given 24 hour day.

But, in keeping with my resolutions, I’m going to try to trudge through it all without getting resentful or losing touch with my families needs.

Today is a perfect example. I should be at work. But instead I called in sick. Why? Because it’s what me and my family needs right now.

My boss may have to answer a few extra calls and the secretary will have to assign a few extra reports, but Jenny, the kids and my own sanity will appreciate my absence from the office.

I took Jenny to work this morning. Her car is fine. I just wanted to spend an extra 30 minutes with her. I then went to the feed store, fed the animals, took care of some bills and will take this afternoon to seriously look for another job.

All these items were on my weekend chore list. But rather than spend 8 or 9 hours, busy with outside obligations I will have that time to just sit. Maybe hold Jenny’s hand and watch a movie. Perhaps go to the zoo. Or just play a board game with the kids.

The little things in life have caught me. I can either feel trapped and exhausted or I can take a step back, take a deep breath and realistically see that nothing is going to collapse while I take one day to put me and my family first.

I may even take a nap before I go get Jenny from work.

Here’s to doing something proactive about those resolutions!!


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