Resolutions are just too scary!

I took a few moments one day to jot down the resolutions that I wanted to accomplish in 2012.

While I think that each and every one is not only beneficial, but obtainable, the word “resolution” almost implies failure.

We’ve all heard the jokes about how you make a resolution on 1-1 only to break it on 1-2.

Because of that, I’ve taken a tip from KSBJ. They are giving people these “mini challenges” to make their days/lives better.

I heard this on my way to work and thought this makes perfect sense to me.

I learned early on that everyone should have goals in life. Career, education, family, etc. But just having a goal isn’t enough. You have to have a plan on how to get there.

I think setting daily mini challenges for myself will make accomplishing the bigger goals on my list of resolutions easier.

What kind of challenges am I talking about?

Smiling at or saying good morning to a perfect stranger. It’s easy to do. Shoot, I passed at least 6 strangers while getting coffee this morning. To simply say hello and smile wouldn’t have cost me a dime. It could have even been the one thing that made it easier for them to get through the day.

How about leaving a post it on my secretaries desk telling her that she is appreciated? My boss talks to her like she’s useless. The reality is that our day to day business would come to a screeching halt without her. I could let her know that at least one person is grateful to have her there every day.

One that I try to do every day is send my Jenny a text just telling her that I’m thinking about her. We get wrapped up in our crazy, hectic lives and sometimes take the people who make up our support network for granted. I’d never want her to doubt just how important she is to me. So a little reminder in the middle of the morning seems like an easy and quick thing I can do.

One they said today on the radio was, “be more tolerant of sand paper people”. That’s a great way to describe some folks. My boss. You remember him? Asshat? Yeah. He definitely qualifies as a sand paper person. But why is he like that? He’s never been married, has no children, drinks too much and isn’t very nice to anyone. But rather than see those characteristics as his shortcomings, if I take a few minutes to put myself in his shoes and think about how I’d behave if I had those traits, I might discover I should be a little more forgiving. MIGHT! I said might, people. After all, I’m human too. Lol

One thing I would do when I worked at TxDOT was to bring my receptionist a latte once in a while. Just as a way to thank her for fielding calls, filing timesheets and making sure my shit was together. I haven’t done that or anything similar to our current receptionist. Granted, she doesn’t have a demanding job and her age and experience has given her the reputation for not being very ambitious. But what if I brought her a cup of coffee on a random Tuesday? Just to say, “I hope you have a good day!”. Again, I’d only be out about 4 bucks and an extra 3 minutes at Starbucks. But I’d have that sense of “I’m a good enough person” to get me through the day.

What’s a mini challenge you could do to make it easier to stick to that list of resolutions?

If you want to get in shape, maybe get a group of people together to work out with. That way, if someone has an obligation and can’t meet up with you one day you don’t have to go it alone! You have your bulge buddies to motivate you.

Trying to save more money this year? Ask your spouse/partner or even kids to help. Both of you decide on one small indulgence you could each give up. At the end of the month, calculate how much money you’ve saved. I figured out that if Jenny gave up her diet coke and I gave up Starbucks, we’d save $170.00 a month. Wow! That’s the cable/Internet bill and a dinner at BK for all 8 of us. Not bad, huh?

I’ve got my goals and now I’ve got the stepping stones to help get me there. If you have any things you’d like to suggest, I’m all ears. There’s still 361 days left in this year, so I’ve still got a long way to go!



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