365 Days of The Bloggess!

There are days when I am literally dumbstruck at just how well my Jenny knows me.

One night we were laying in bed. She was reading and I was surfing around on the Internet. I came across the calendar for 2012 that The Bloggess had on her Zazzle site. I had to have it!!

This was a few days before Christmas and I loudly proclaimed, “THAT is what I want!!”

Jenny looked over, shook her head and just said, “Ok?”

Nothing more was said but I knew that come hell or high water, that calendar would be mine.

The next day (yes, I said the NEXT day) Jenny gives me a small white box. I open it up and find….. MY CALENDAR!!!!

Apparently, she had discovered it weeks before and knew I’d want one.

Well, I brought it to work. Yes, we have the standard, boring, mass produced calendars but no office is complete unless you have The Bloggess’ wit adorning your wall.

Now I did have one tiny complaint. It kept coming apart. My guess? Wil Wheaton actually did do all the collating.


I work in an office. I have a secretary. And yes, we have a collating machine. So I did what any responsible supervisor would do. I made her fix my calendar!!

That’s Dee. Putting my 12 months of wisdom back together for me.

Yes, it’s bound, and it’s beautiful!

Now, for anyone that has ever read The Bloggess, she can be a bit… well… Outspoken is the best way to describe her. With sayings like, “You’re the best kind of fucked up” one has to be a little tough skinned to see her calendar every day.

Luckily, I work in the construction industry. I hear/say/think things like “cock sucker” “fucker” “asshole” and other off color things every day!

So, my advice to you? Get one of these!! You won’t regret it! If nothing else, when you are circling a date to remind you of your upcoming parole hearing, you’ll have some little sunshine to brighten your day!



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