Odd eating.

With 6 kids, Jenny and I don’t eat out very often unless it’s because we have managed to run away and escape the kids for a while.

This weekend we went camping about 3 hours away. So we found ourselves stopping to eat a couple of times.

One of those instances, we stopped for brunch and found ourselves enjoying one of the best sandwiches either of us have ever had.

It got me to thinking. About some of the unexpected places that we find the best food.

Here’s a small list of some of the surprise eateries I’ve discovered.

1. Buc Ees.
Yes, it’s a truck stop. It’s where Jenny and I got the most AMAZING BLT I’ve ever ate. There had to be at least a 1/4 lb of thick cut peppered bacon on this thing.

2. Baby A’s in Austin.
They have the typical Tex Mex food you’d expect to find, but the soup is what stunned me. It’s not tortilla, it’s not taco and it sure as heck isn’t menudo. It’s got chicken, broth, and seasoning. You mix in the rice and it will send your mouth to heaven.

3. Sevi’s in Wichita Falls.
This little burrito shop has the best brisket burritos. For about 4 bucks you can get one that’s almost too big to eat.

4. Good Korean to Go in Killeen, Tx.
I’m not sure if they are still there or if they have the same name but this little shack on Veterans Memorial had the most hypnotic Yaki Mandu I’ve ever had!

5. Walburg German restaurant.
In tiny Walburg, Tx this place is standing room only during Octoberfest. They have a German buffet complete with schnizel, spaetzle, hot potato salad and cordon bleu. The only thing you can’t get on the buffet is rinderouladde. It’s made to order and is big enough for 2 or 3 people to eat and still have leftovers.

6. Maharaja in Houston
This Indian buffet has a chicken masala to die for! It’s a little pricy but worth it.

7. Mizo’s in Lakeway, Tx
We would go to Mizo’s on Monday’s for one thing… Sushi. You could get awesome sushi and beer on a Monday night and not spend more that 12 bucks! You can’t beat that.

8. Golden China in Cypress
This place is so small my daughter calls it “Tree Trable Chings” (three table Chings) we went the night we took Louie to her dads and Jenny and I split beef and still have leftovers!

Ever stumbled upon a place that you couldn’t believe was hidden away??


3 thoughts on “Odd eating.

  1. I LIVE in a place that you can’t believe is hidden away. Most Canadians (I live in Canada) have never heard of it, let alone anyone from anywhere else.

    But I like it that way 🙂

    • Then, you have to tell me where it’s at!! Jenny took the kids up to Canada this summer. We’ve been talking about a get away so maybe you’re hidden wonderland is exactly what we’re looking for!

      • Strangely enough it’s actually a province! Canada’s smallest province (and the birthplace of our country) – Prince Edward Island on the East Coast. A tiny place and a friendly place. Google us – we’d love to have you visit!

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