More conversations.

Jenny: it’s amazing what you can do with that one finger.
(she was watching me blog from my phone)

Me: Go wake up the other kids so we can get going. Let them know what the game plan is.

Huey: CURLY!! Get out of bed before I beat you. Lee said I could!

Me: Moe, do you have anywhere specific you wanted to go today?

Moe: Not really. I’m ok with wherever everyone else wants to go shopping.

Me: AND, that’s why your still my favorite.


Larry: I want to wear a pair of your sweats.

Jenny: I don’t have any?! Where’d they all go?

Larry: Oh yeah. I wore all of them to dads. And Louie’s too. And some of Moe’s. But you don’t have anything I can wear?

Me: Son, I’m gonna buy you a pair of jeans today. You can participate in this process or you can receive a pair of bright pink skinny jeans. It’s your call

Moe: I think I’ll participate.


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