Do you see what I see?


This was mine and Jenny’s first Christmas together. It was an amazing weekend with a few tears from her sprinkled in here and there.

I received a gift certificate from work to her favorite restaurant. So, I thought a date night would be a good way to start our holiday weekend.

We had dinner and enjoyed the fact that it was just the two of us. After bagging up our leftovers, we came home and headed to bed.

Sometime around midnight I woke up. I was feeling pretty sick. So, between midnight and 5, I was camped out in the bathroom waiting for my body to finally toss out what was left of my dinner.

See, I’m allergic to iodine. Most seafood (especially shrimp) has been processed to the point that none of the iodine is left. If the shrimp is fresh, however, it has enough in it to toss me into an allergy induced hell. That’s what happened. I go to the beach a lot during the summer and always take my Benedryl, but I really didn’t think that I’d need it in the middle of December.

That’s the last time I take that gamble.

After waking up on Saturday, we both had our respective errands to run. I had to deal with the pigs and other animals, and needed to finish wrapping her gifts. She needed to get the last of the food shopping done and get started on her baking.

Her family is still being a cluster of douche bags. They had their annual Christmas celebration at Jenny’s parents house and, of course, her wasband and kids were invited but not her.

Even though she wasn’t invited, she wanted to put together gift baskets of various treats for everyone for the kids to take.

So as she hurried, scampered, sweated and mixed, she texted me to tell me to, “hurry cause they’ll be here at 1.”

I found myself recruited to help mix, cut, plate, stir or whatever else she needed to get this all done.

In a short time she had all the goodies packaged up, in cheerful little containers, ready to go.

When the kids arrived, we loaded them up and off they went.

Several hours later they returned with the gifts and goodies that they had gotten from Jenny’s family.

And a ham. Yes, a large, uncooked ham.

Jenny had gone to her wasbands house a few days earlier and found a gift from her dad had been delivered for her. She got teary eyed because it’s the first time since September that her family has had any contact with her that she didn’t initiate.

So, she had a sneaking suspicion that the ham was from her dad.

After questioning the kids and texting the wasband, she got a response of “your dad secretly sent the ham for you.”

Again, the tears decided to come. Not full flowing but there.

The next morning (Christmas day), she opened her laptop ready to blog. Then she stopped.

I had left to care for the animals so she was in the room alone while the kids still slept.

Why did she stop? Because she was afraid that if she posted anything about her dads generosity, he’d be grilled and called out by Ursula (I’ve decided to call her sister this. After all, she is being somewhat of a witch about all this) and his sporadic acts of kindness to Jenny would stop.

Can I just say, GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK?!?!?!

Now here’s my opinion on this. Her sister has no right to act like some self righteous bitch and stick her nose in our business. Secondly, her dad shouldn’t be ashamed to still love and care for one of his own children.

I’d never feel I needed to “hide” my love and devotion to one of my kids. Regardless of what they’d done. So for him to feel he has to keep this a secret is pretty shitty on his part.

As for her? Well, I’ve discussed my dislike of her before. And I can only assume she hasn’t gotten the herpes virus that I wished upon her.

After I got home, the kids were woke up, we finished up exchanging gifts, and Jenny and I began the cooking marathon.

Dinner was awesome. It was me, her and most of the kids.

There were a few disruptive moments that she and I defused by sneaking off to the barn.

Sometime around midnight she and I crawled in to bed and passed out from pure exhaustion.

What did I get? A jacket for work (from my wasband), a zippo from Jenny, and two shirts. One of which I found out she had scoured virtually every store in north Houston to find. It’s almost identical to the one I had to get rid of that I wore on our first date.

It was a good Christmas. Hopefully, the first of many more with my girl and our family.

I hope that you and yours had an amazing holiday as well!


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