Just my .02

When I first met Jenny, we started off as friends. It was summer and she was off work but I still had my rat race to run.

She would sit and talk to me for hours about her blogs. She has/had several.
Midlifenatalie is the one she keeps up with the most. It’s where she feels free to be herself. She feels like she’s having a conversation with a friend and there happens to be others listening in.

I used to feel that way when I’d read it. I almost felt like I was intruding. I was afraid that me reading it would cause her to censor what she said. Some days I felt like I was reading her diary. Thoughts that she would jot down simply because they didn’t make sense while they were occupying space in her head.

I’ve noticed she hasn’t been blogging much. Our lives are hectic and fast paced. For a while I think she was being cautious about what she said because she knew her family and ex were reading it and she didn’t want to upset anyone.

She’s blogged about our sex life, our kids, her work, her family, the world environment and recipes. She is all over the place with what she writes about.

I love that.

I can honestly say that she doesn’t hide anything from me. She’s open about her past and what she hopes for in our future. She tells me her dreams and fears. She expresses her frustration with my eccentricities and laughs at my silliness.

But every once in a while I will read her blog and see something she’s written that makes me take pause. I don’t feel like she’s hidden anything from me, it’s more that moment of, “Wow. I didn’t know that!”

Kinda like when you discover that the person you spend all your time with loves brussel sprouts. You never see them eating them so you just don’t know.

I know that I’ll be discovering new things about her for years to come. Just like she’ll be discovering new things about me.

But I do miss reading her blog posts. They are too few and far between. I’m sure if I asked her what was going through her pretty little head right now, she’d eagerly tell me. There’s just something about overhearing her thoughts, that makes me smile.

I wish you’d post more, Jenny. Just my .02



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